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VoxelX is the future of medicine!

kronesMay 20, 2018, 7:46:15 AM

Medical education is one of the most difficult, because it is a multidisciplinary and constantly growing volume of information, and research complicates it. Therefore, VoxelX's mission involves revolutionizing multidisciplinary learning by creating an online DICOM platform,which is controlled by block chains for modeling medical training.

DICOM (Digital Imaging and Communications in Medicine) is a platform that is a medical industry standard, the creation, storage, transfer and visualization of digital medical images and documents of patients surveyed.

One of the main goals of DICOM is to take, edit and display multidisciplinary knowledge about each anatomical structure or pathology. The platform collects information from various Internet resources,which reduces the search for necessary knowledge for participating. The platform enables you to comment and associate images of structures and pathologies directly with all knowledge resources. VoxelX allows you to create your own files, which will be used for further training and lecturing. Platoft uses a variety of tools,such as social networking, presentation mode, tablet, mobile device, online discussions, notes.

The VoxelX platform, which is based on communities, allows participants to publish information and deeds. Members of the society are different categories of participants: students, publishers and validators.

Participants can interact with each other in public or in private, using the social networking feature that was found on the platform.

The VoxelX platform allows radiologists and medical students to easily interact with the DICOM image. An example are drawing tools,which connect structures or diseases with the images provided with any recognized knowledge resources that are available on the Internet.

Multidisciplinary medical training is due to the birth of the VoxelX project, specializing in education through its digital platform, where a variety of X-ray images,Used under one format for storage and sorting, and are a reliable hand for all freshmen and even graduate students. Therefore, from the doctor to the radiologist's apprentice, they can access the platform, where educational content will always be on hand and constantly updated.

The content of the platform is based on communities,all participants can share their previously verified information and events in a confidential or public way. By strengthening the platform with Blockchain, we are able to turn online content into money by approving content and creating incentives to encourage radiologists to create and expand the platform of both publishers and verifiers.

Using the Ethereum ERC-20 markers, reward algorithms are developed that will be paid to the radiologists for each small delivery, as well as updating the content and platform.

VoxelX will launch a token called GREY, which will be used to finance the creation of DICOM-Platform content.

Each user of the VoxelX platform will have his or her wallet tied to his account. This purse has a ranking system, the more you do for the service, the more you will be credited with coins and the more you will be judged as a specialist.

The period of the public sale is April 15, 2018 - May 15, 2018.

The name of the token is GREY The number of generated tokens is limited to 10

000 000 000 Coin platform - Ethereum Price 1 GREY = 0.002 USD

Softcap - 1500 ETH Hardcap - 25000 ETH Unsold tokens will be

burned after the sale.

The platform enables users to access all the necessary information,

which refers to the image. Information is available from resources in the platform database or other online sources. This makes it possible to significantly shorten the time that is necessary to search for information.

How can I publish an image on the DICOM platform?

All publishers have access to all the features of the platform.

They can upload, store, categorize their images. After checking each of the stages, they will be rewarded with company tokens. Publication steps: downloading, profiling, annotating, checking, publishing.

The following percentage use of collected cash is assumed

funds based on the results of sales: 40% -funding for

content in the platform. 35% - further improvement and quality improvement

platform, as well as the expansion of the development team. 20% - marketing.

5% - for legal and unforeseen expenses.

Medicine has a tendency to constant development and new methods and methods of treatment are constantly being introduced into it.

The exchange of information and knowledge speeds up the treatment process. The exchange of information and knowledge speeds up the treatment process. Sharing their knowledge, doctors, can earn even token platforms. The service itself is useful not only for doctors, but also for students, as a visual aid and assistant in school.

Patients also benefit from this,because the exchange of knowledge improves the quality of treatment.