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Egretia is a large-scale platform

kronesMay 20, 2018, 7:39:47 AM

Online games Html5 made a serious competition for products based on flash. Thanks to them, you can play for free on any updated browser without installing a flash player. Games on this basis are not allocated radically, but, nevertheless, more colorful and fast, especially browser versions.

Currently, users of HTML5 games already account for 47% of all users of mobile games. In 2017, the size of the HTML5-games market in China exceeded 1.5 billion and is constantly increasing.

Egretia Lab teamed up with Egret Technology, which built the world's first complete HTML5 workflow, covering 14 technical products,

such as the engine itself, the visual IDE editor, animation tools, tools for cross-platform packaging, etc. All tools are cross-platform and support both Windows and Mac.

To date, about 200 000 developers use the engine Egret Technology, it is one of the most common.

Egretia Lab has integrated existing HTML5 technologies and productivity tools with which you can create games built on blockchain technology using the built-in tools of Egretia Lab, as well as to pay for virtual assets in games.

Developers can easily and quickly create games using the Egretia Lab toolkit and use a block to exchange virtual assets between games.

The essence of the project

Egretia Lab includes a development workflow based on blockchain technology, four major products and an incubator: a distributed communications and storage platform

, a distribution platform for games, a virtual trading platform, an Egretia advertising platform and an Egretia incubator that provide comprehensive

services for players, content providers, channels and advertisers and creating an ideal ecosystem.

Blockchain Game Dev Workflow: the world's first complete HTML5 blockchain engine and kit for developers,

will give developers the opportunity to quickly and effectively develop games and applications for blockbusters.

The cloud-based distributed storage and storage cloud platform will use block-node nodes, providing decentralized data transfer and storage solutions.

Game distribution platform - this platform is the official DApp of Egretia. Players can get Egreten through the application, play games on HTML5 on this platform, make payments through Egreten. Using the Proof-of-Game (POG) mechanism, players can get Egreten as a reward, playing or sharing games with friends


The virtual item trading platform - using Egreten, all players in Egretia games can

Trade your virtual products on this platform.

The advertising platform (Egretia Ad Platforms) is an advertising system based on the principles of KYC blocking, smart contracts and digital platform tokens.

The incubator (Egretia Incubator) is a platform for technical support of development teams and developers (like freelancers), creating a bridge for communication between players and developers.

The entire platform uses the DPOS consensus mechanism.

Road map

At the moment there is no test version of the product. Release of alpha-

version of the SDK at the end of 2018. The final version of the Egretia Blockchain V1.0 product is scheduled for mid-2020.


Egreten token is used throughout the ecosystem, as well as in the following cases: Developers use well-built tools + SDK to quickly create products,

using a token as a means of payment. Users can use Egreten to buy game items, pay for content, participate in lotteries, discounts and other promotions on Egretia around the world. Developers, content publishers can use Egreten to advertise Egretia ads.

Distributors can receive Egreten through the distribution of content, advertising, etc.

Electronic purse Egreten is created on the basis of a unique user's passport to safely store its virtual assets.

Tokenmetric is not yet available.


Peter Huang - Founder Co-founder of Egret Technology - 2.5 years; Evangelist in Adobe Systems - 4.5 years

; Project Manager at the Research Institute of the Ministry of Communications - 5 years.

Dirk Meyer - Co-founder 11.5 years old Senior Program Manager at Adobe; I was trained in Adobe. For all this time he was the main one in 3 projects. In fact, this is all his work experience, but even this is enough.

Yin Ma - Senior Engineer-

programmer in Qualcomm since 2011; Founder in Affinic Technology since 2010, a consulting company specializing in tools, providing professional software and consulting services LLVM / Open64; Director of Compiler Development in Absoft Corporation - 6.5 years,

led a small team there to develop Fortran compilers, according to his departure, in 2011, the compilers of Absoft Fortran were the fastest for Intel / AMD chips; The engineer-programmer at Microsoft Authorized Training Center (ATC) - 1 year.

Ross Przybylski - Founder and CEO of D20Studios is a company,

which develops games; Producer in Electronic - 4 years; ArtsGame Developer Influencer, Adobe Community Professional in Adobe - 3 years. Director Flash Development, Senior Software Engineer in Reflection Software - 8.5 years, the company is a leading provider of advanced solutions for e-learning.


Lucas Lu in 2005 received a PhD in particle physics at the Southern Methodist University. He worked at CERN when he participated in the theoretical and experimental studies of the Higgs particle. Dr. Lucas Lou, previously co-founder and technical director of Light in the Box, a company that received a quotation on the NYSE,

and before that was the main manager of the Taobao platform from Alibaba. He also founded 5miles in 2014, as well as CyberMiles in 2017.

Frank Lee graduated from Tsinghua University with a degree in Electrical Engineering. He founded several start-ups, developed the first Litecoin ASIC. Two companies are included in the Mi ecosystem (Xiomi).

He has invested and co-founded companies in various fields, including Game, VR, AR, IOT, etc. Frank Lee is a CyberMiles Advisor.

Yong Yao is the founder of Wing Hang Technology, a company that develops the H3D engine. Widely known products such as "QQ Dancer" and "Dancing Time", made by the company using the engine H3D.

In these games there are a large number of players, one of whom has reached 2 million online users simultaneously. The monthly audience of the site is 41 million people.

Hongfei Tian received a master's degree in MIT. Founding partner iVision, responsible for Internet finance and investments in software for enterprises.

From 2003 to 2009 he worked as an engineer in Oracle, as a software security engineer, IFC of the World Bank. It has autonomous gateways for payment by bitcoins, Yard's mobile wallet and copyrights to authentication systems. Worked in the venture fund SIG.

Partners and investors

Egret Technologies has built the world's first complete HTML5 workflow that covers 14 technical products, such as Egret Engine, Egret Wing, Dragon Bones and Egret Runtime. As a pioneer in the field of HTML5, Egret has taken a leading position in the fields of APP, marketing, animation, O2O and e-commerce.

He created many successful cases for Microsoft Xiaoice, Huayi Brothers, DianPing, Jingdong, Shanghai Pudong.

Headquarters: Chaoyang, Beijing. Year of foundation: 2014.

Egret Technologies was created by the founders of the project Peter Huang and Edwin Chen. They, in fact, introduce into their company Egret blockade and go with it to ICO Egretia.

CyberMiles - The essence of the project in the implementation of smart contracts for solving problems in Internet commerce. The founder of CyberMiles is Lucas Lu, one of the advisors of this project.

LoMoStar is an entertaining application, the essence of which is to find envelopes with a crypto currency on a real map all over the world.

Guojin Capital is a venture company,

specializing in the early and middle stages of investment. Guojin Capital Group is located in Shenzhen, China. The investment portfolio is more than 30 projects, among which is Egret Technology. They also invested in ICO Arckblock.

Pros of the project

The team has a lot of experience in the field of Html5 games.

Marketing is handled by the Krypital Group, which also promoted CyberMiles and Arckblock, everyone remembers how they got out.


Website: http://egretia.io/

Whitepapper: https://egretia.io/static/Egretia_White_Paper_V1.0.pdf

Twitter: https://twitter.com/Egretia_io

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Egretia.io/

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/company/egretia/

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/egretia_io/

Reddit: https://www.reddit.com/r/Egretia