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Seal-goods check in real time

kronesMay 20, 2018, 7:19:19 AM

The Seal platform provides an innovative authentication service that works through smart contracts on the architecture of blocking technology.

The platform provides clear, reliable information about any product, directly to consumers. For their confidence in the authenticity of the goods they acquired.

Seal has the ability to determine the expiration dates, the date of issue and the authenticity of the goods. For anyone not a secret of well-known brands, and not very much, the Seal platform will solve these difficulties, that consumers would have confidence in its origin and quality by 100%.

Seal technology is based on the use of NFC chips,which, after integration, connect the product with its digital analog to the block chain. The user, in the presence of a smartphone and Seal, can evaluate the quality and details of the product. The platform and technology of the startup working on NFC chips collect data and connect them to the product. Blocking is important in the process,that there is a pairing of the Seal chip with a digital copy inside the blockade itself. As a result, we get an easily scanned object.

The main task of Seal is to disrupt the counterfeit industry by combining NFC chips and a block-chain. This is a good use of blockchain technology, which will help reduce a huge amount of counterfeit products.

The company has a goal - to protect the interests of buyers and producers. If most people use software to find out the details of the product, the sense in the release of counterfeit products will decrease and the deception of consumers will be difficult.

The project has many advantages.

Each customer has the opportunity to see the product through the smartphone application, which will confirm the authenticity of the connection to the individual identifiers, they will be uploaded to the Seal Network on the Ethereum block chain by the product manufacturer. Using NFC microchips, Seal customers will feel secure, knowing,that the data on their purchase can not be copied or changed.

The scheme of Seal is very simple:

Developers of the platform offer manufacturers to label products with NFC chips.

Most smartphones are equipped with NFC chips and if the phone has a Seal application installed, they bring it to the product and the label counts it.

The Seal application is instantly associated with the blockbuster database and the original is in front of you or a fake.

The database will record information about even the release and shelf life of the goods.

Another advantage to the manufacturer gives Seal that he can earn on resale.

The internal currency of Seal is the Seal tokens.

Tokens are designed to pay for Seal platform services. Each service in Seal Network pays a service fee.

Seal wants to restore confidence to consumers, and enable brands to interact with their customers in the most direct way. Together to build a better world,in which consumers will appreciate the creative work of producers and stop feeding the fake economy.

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