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UCHIT-The Hub of Communication and Collaboration based on Blockchain Technology.

kronesMay 20, 2018, 7:13:26 AM

The modern world is loaded with information, and any information requires confidentiality. Using the Internet for communication, users are interested in confidentiality, which will enable them to interact easily and quickly with each other. After all, information in our time is more valuable than gold.

To help protect and store information on the market, a new Uchit platform appears, which will be able to bring together in its social network people with different interests and abilities that need confidentiality.

Uchit, using blocking technology and a platform for collaboration and messaging (P2P), allows users to communicate,exchange information, files. The main goal, the platform, is to bring to a new level the interaction of users among themselves. This platform has a wide functionality, suitable for ordinary users, business projects and companies. API helps developers to implement social media on their sites. Users communicate with each other,directly, and this indicates that they pass any mediators.

Uchit uses message encryption on a block chain, allowing nodes to communicate directly. Uchit functions as a decentralized exchange of data and transactions, allowing users to communicate and collaborate on their own. Participants of the project,after joining it, immediately begin cooperation: exchange files, use the same project programming folders, a common screen. This makes it possible to exclude central servers and allow network nodes to communicate without external interference.

The platform, for greater convenience, creates its own Uchit token (UCHT),

with the help of which people will make mutual settlements on a platform with each other. With this token, people who have been hired to work on their projects can be paid, access to the full functionality of the platform will be allowed.

The project has the following capabilities:

Possibility of personal communication.

Business communication on interests and hobbies.

Professional communication on work or other employment.

Implementing the social environment on their sites through the API.

This project provides the opportunity for safe communication, familiar to you: correspondence, photos, videos, voice messages. The project has several sites,on which is all that is necessary for you. Here are ready-made solutions for implementation in the social parts of your sites, the necessary people for your projects, etc.

The platform Uchit will provide personal confidential communication, provide cooperation between programmers, musicians financiers, investors, start-ups, freelancers,and other segments of the population that the Internet has connected.

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