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Cardstack – Full Stack IDE for Blockchain Applications Connected With the Cloud

mirofameMay 19, 2018, 11:28:40 AM

Blockchain technologies are taking over the world in the recent year or two. There are blockchain applications in almost any sphere or business. And for every blockchain based application the user is paying in different token/currency. The payment to each individual blockchain application can become very difficult for some users, who are clients of multiple blockchain based services. The developers of these applications are having hard time too. They are re-writing some functionalities to every new project they are working on, and the blockchain is filed with many “ID identification” for every different application that a client uses. There is no full stack development environment. And here it comes Cardstack – to make usage of blockchain applications easier for everyone.

☑️What is Cardstack?

To put in short, Cardstack is as they say for themselves “The experience layer of the decentralized internet”. But that may be confusing for the most of the readers, so I am explaining it further. Cardstack divides the blockchain application to different layers, just like in the networking. The main layers in order are blockchain, cloud, device and experience. The blockchain layer is responsible for payments and other ledger methods, while the cloud – for all data saving functions. The device layer is like transmission medium between the user interface and the network, it is also responsible for getting outside world data, to be sent to the network. The final layer is the closest to the user it is the experience layer.

The experience layer includes the user interface. From user’s standpoint all blockchain based applications are in one place with one unified design. The UI itself it is innovative with its new look of the presentation of functionality. It is made in “card-based UI”, which means that every action in an application is presented as a card, and that card is doing its functionality in the lower layers. This is interesting concept, which I have not seen before and I think that this concept is very handy in this particular use case.

As a hub for blockchain applications, Cardstack is supporting different levels of decentralization for need cases of each application, starting from centralized applications (for enterprise) to fully decentralized (like cryptocurrencies). It also supports other levels of decentralization like Hierarchical (like in gouverments), multi-cloud (like in social networks) and semi-decentralized ”with on-ramps” (like science and education network). This variety of possible use cases is making Cardstack amazing platform for blockchain applications.

✅Team, Community and Website Review

First of all let’s talk a bit about the team behind the project, but then I saw on the website that they call themselves “contributors”. This leads me to the thought that they are working freely as community project. That sounds amazing! These free projects are much appreciated in the developer’s communities, and will definitely bring even more developers to the platform. Cardstack have started with its leader – Chris Tse. He is a brilliant technologist, designer and entrepreneur. He has worked in blockchain technology since its early days and now it is leading the team of contributors to create Cardstack to its best.

Cardstack is pretty popular. The social network in which Cardstack is having the most members is Telegram with around 16000. The other social networks in which the project can be found is Twitter with around 5000 followers and Facebook with around 2000 ones. They can also be found in YouTube and Medium, but most impressive for me is the GitHub page of the project, because the code is published, so everyone around the world can see and contribute to the code. Great work for the openness of the project!

Cardstack’s website is very well made, with clean purple design. Everything needed is easy to find – from basic information about the project to all the public documentation and links to social networks. The website is very professionally made, with beautiful high quality Illustrations and clean design. Overall good job on creating a great website to present the project.

The whitepaper is also very well made. It contains a lot of useful information, separated in 7 main themes. The paper is pretty long – 54 pages with mainly small fonts. Everything is well written, easy to find and with very useful illustrations to help the user to understand the topics easier. Again great work here guys!


Cardstack is amazing project, and it is even better, because is open source. The team of contributors is great and it is making one unique platform. The idea itself is very ambitious – to make full stack framework for decentralized applications. Not only that – their mission is to “build an economically sustainable software ecosystem that fights back against centralized platforms”. Overall Cardstack is very interesting project which can make blockchain based applications easier to spread easily to wider audience. 

⚠️Disclaimer & Disclosure: None of what I provide in my articles is investment advice. Please do your own due diligence. A link to the article will be sent to the ICO team and they may issue a reward for it.

Cardstack’s website: https://cardstack.com/

Cardstack's ANN Thread: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=2768237.0

Cardstack's Telegram Group: https://telegram.me/cardstack

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