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Raising Money With Your Personal Data Becomes Possible With Opiria

mirofameMay 19, 2018, 10:21:53 AM

Currently, blockchain technology has attracted a lot of attention. I doubt that there is someone who is not familiar with this technology yet. What is more interesting is that many companies start using blockchain on the background of their projects. But why? Well, the answer is simple – blockchain offers transparency, security and protection.

☑️What is Opiria?

In short, Opiria is a relatively new organization that takes advantage of the blockchain industry and with its help, it aims to establish a marketplace, where people could be able to sell their personal data to companies and in return earn tokens. With the help of blockchain, their data is protected, no mediation is involved between the two parties and there is nothing to worry about, actually, the only thing one could expect is to benefit.

✔️The problem

Nowadays, consumers are faced with a number of brands, products, gadgets that serve for all kinds of things. But how many of them actually turn out to be useful or maybe how many of them actually meet the needs and expectations of their users? This turns out to be a problem that a number of organizations try to solve in order to improve their trading. Here comes Opiria that proposes a platform where in return for payment, consumers offer their personal data as a kind of feedback to producers.

✔️An innovation?

I think Opiria is in innovative and well-designed company that aims to solve the above mentioned problem by giving people the chance to sell their data and thus help the manufacturers get a better insight into what the user needs. This will definitely be beneficial to both users and developers, because users will be paid for something that will actually be of use to them and developers will become familiar with the needs of the consumers and thus creating something that they desire will increase their sales. I think that this is exactly what makes the project different from any other project!

✅More about Opiria


Every project needs to be carefully planned and divided into stages before launched. The roadmap of Opiria covers the period from July 2015 when the company was founded to March 2019 when the platform will be finally ready to be launched. In addition, thinking globally, the team has plans for the future as well that extend to 2023. At the moment, the pre-sale is running and what lies in the near future is Opiria 2.0 which is planned for September. After that the next phases include a number of modules that will be worked on and refined until the platform is good to go.

✔️Meet the team

I think that every great project needs an even greater team. The major team of Opiria consists of eleven people. All of them are professionals in their field, assembled together to give their best in the development of the project. Dr.-Ing. Christian Lange is the founder and CEO of the company. He definitely possesses the knowledge and has the experience that help him run the company. In addition there is a co-founder and CTO - Dipl.-Inf. Marlene Gagesch, also a great specialist who is going to help him in his work. Furthermore, the company relies on eleven advisers that are going to guide the team and make the project successful.

The company has already established a number of partnerships some of which are: Strategic Coin, AmaZix, Monaco Growth Forums and others.

✔️Whitepaper and Website review

When it comes to the whitepaper and the website, I think they are very professionally developed. The whitepaper is well-presented and contains plenty of information for those who want to learn more about the project. Moreover, I find it very useful when it comes to realizing fully the problem that the company is trying to solve. Turning to the website I cannot argue that it is very modern and good-looking. It is very easy to grasp the main idea of the project and to understand how you will benefit from it. What is more, people can track the token sale in real time.


The name of the tokens is PDATA and this is the only currency that the platform will use. The public sale will start on June 16th, 2018 and will end on July 14th, 2018. On the first day the bonus is estimated to be 15% while every next day it will be reduced with 1%. Currently the pre-sale is running with a bonus of 20%. It started on April 20th 2018 and is going to end on June 15th, 2018. Unsold tokens will be burned after the main sale. The hard cap is estimated to be USD 30m. The price of PDATA is USD 0.10 and 450,000,000 is the number of the tokens planned for sale.


I think that this project is very innovative and aims to change the market for the better. Personally, I am very intrigued to see it running. I think that both consumers and companies will benefit and will see Opiria as a useful means towards achieving their goals. Needless to say, it turns out that the project will be profitable as well, since users will actually earn in exchange for their personal data and what is more important without any risk of becoming a victim of misuse of information since blockchain with its security and transparency eliminates this problem. I cannot wait for the project to be launched.

⚠️Disclaimer & Disclosure: None of what I provide in my articles is investment advice. Please do your own due diligence. A link to the article will be sent to the ICO team and they may issue a reward for it.

Opiria Website: https://opiria.io/

Opiria Telegram Group: https://t.me/PDATAtoken

Opiria ANN Thread: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=3076122.new#new

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