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The Primitive Manifesto

SquidilypiddlesMay 18, 2018, 11:23:15 PM

I am now going to begin writing my new blog in order to educate the people of minds about the only viable socioeconomic system that can succeed. It is very important that I do this so you know the immediate danger that we are currently in. Many people in the past have attempted to create nations and governments to lead the people of Earth into the future. Herein lies the problem. Every nation has or will fall because they falsely assume that they must progress their technology in order to provide freedom to their citizens. They are wrong, this power that they create only devolves their minds into savage beasts who glut themselves on the lives of the very people they sought to assist. No man can wield such power and live for long, history has taught us that. You may ask if we are doomed to die at the hands of these deranged men who know no bounds and will stop at nothing for power. Fear not, I will teach you the answer; Anarcho-Primitivism. Please come with me as I outline the economic system of my plan, the benefits of a more natural society, and steps you can take to bring down the modern authoritarian despot that rules are lives. Hopefully I will post every Friday.