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MOMENTUM – The Bridge to Success

RoonyBlackMay 18, 2018, 8:14:10 PM


MOMENTUM is the first platform, based on instant reward only by promoting the companies that you are passionate for. Investing time and attention is what drives the success of MOMENTUM. The mobile bridge build by MOMENTUM is here to make revolution in today`s market. It is entirely customer oriented.

This platform have one main purpose – a satisfying experience for their users. Also, to transform inefficient marketing technologies into such, that give benefits, and makes you go all the way to success.

The team of MOMENTUM is one of a kind. Build by experts with experience of worldwide class. This makes the platform different than the other ones. With investors and advisors with pass like theirs is what makes a statement that this platform is worth paying attention not just walking by it.

Traditional approach is the big problem of many platform and teams behind them. Here is no more like this. Today`s client is all about social media and influence. This team paid attention and here is the main thing – they transformed that social power into two way of benefits. One that promotes companies you like and after that the company gets profits and the other way by promoting this companies you get tokens.

Structure and base elements


A roadmap of project like MOMENTUM have many important dates but the hard thing is to separate the main ones and here comes the thing – all are important. So the start comes in Q1 2017 when was the release of the Mobile Bridge module. The following date H2 2017 is release of the technology strategy and blockchain blueprint. 


Unique team of highly intelligent leaders drives this project from different countries like Netherlands, Switzerland, Germany, UK, US and Israel. With passionate about breaking technology breakthroughs and customer-oriented approach, this team is taking the right path into this hard and unstable market.

The thing here is that the team have known each other for many years and with successful business between each other, this team have nothing but good weather for their project and clear sky for action.

The management team is led by Kees de Vos (CEO) and Eyal Oster who is also Founder and President, board member.

Whitepaper and website review

With simple solutions and clear information about what they are promoting, the team of MOMENTUM is what differs than others. Even in something simple as their website is, there always is something else behind this. The team have experts in every department and the website is one who have the most intelligent ones because they are the people who are representing their baby product.

The exposed whitepaper in the website is the source every possible client is looking for to answer to every question his or her head can born.


The event of the token sale will start in February and finish on 23 March, followed by a short period of private sales. This sale will last a month or when the predicted hard cap (51 000 000 USD) is reached. The soft cap is set to be 3 000 000 USD which starts the journey of the sale. Reaching the hard cap will allow the growth on global and the time for marketing.

There is also reserve of tokens to be purchased for these customers who are late for the event.


The mobile bridge MOMENTUM is one of a kind build by experts of many departments and powered by the goal of harnessing the implement of social media in power, which drives their platform to unknown lands.

Driven by marketing machine fueled by the power of successful business strategies is what makes MOMENTUM to outstand the other platforms and to make the consumers to invest and get involved in this new and astonishing project.

The team of MOMENTUM is aiming to satisfy the need of social impact to every action. With the retail leaders in the market and significant experience in building business of world class, MOMENTUM is here for tomorrow and not just to be opportunity, but being an answer to customer’s expactations.

Disclosure: This article is participating in the ICO Bounty Media Campaign for reward. Please be advised that everything written in the article is my personal opinion and it is NOT investment advice. 

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