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CARDSTACK: The Innovative New Experience Layer

RoonyBlackMay 18, 2018, 7:58:29 PM

What exactly is Cardstack?

So, here is the thing with centralized tech. They capture the value of our creations and try to force us into so called “silos” of different app technologies, which in turn makes managing our life so much harder than it needs to be. 

Decentralizing the whole thing can offer a new perspective which wouldn`t be made to look like silos, but instead it could be shown as different layers with different technology on each layer. The blockchain technology is most certainly best for decentralizing the system. Back in the days, decentralized tech like Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies have given the opportunity to create such a system to only a couple of enthusiast and to be fair, “the old days” have failed to popularize decentralized networking and up until now there wasn’t really a convenient method of using blockchain. Cardstack however does an extremely good job at providing the necessary tools for developers to do whatever they wish.

Let us go back to the silos and layers, Cardstack has added one more layer to the ones that are already existing which has enabled end users to use different features from a number of apps and combine them by creating dApps without worrying about additional problems.

This is only possible because they use a design paradigm that makes units of data as bite-sized cards which can be modeled however the user needs them to be.

Developers can gain from all this too because they can use the Cardstack Framework to create card-based blockchain apps. This means that they can use it in however way they seem fit. The only limitation that can be seen here is the one that is often present with developers and it is the limitation of the mind, because honestly all the tools necessary are presented to them.

The Project itself

Cardstack aims to be one of the most feature rich platforms on the market today. They have added many thing to their platform like their support for smart contract code generation, messaging, distributed visioning etc… Their work began many years ago with their goal in mind and unlike many other big projects they have stayed true to their goal and pursue it very carefully as it is shown in their Roadmap. This year they are developing the user part of Cardstack and next year it`ll be time for the network interfaces to be implemented and be made public.

In 2014 Chris Tse founded Cardstack, there he leads a team of open-source contributors and blockchain architects to build the experience layer of the decentralized Internet. Together they strive to reach the end point of the roadmap and create one truly amazing system capable of so many things.

Like every project, Cardstack, needs a way of presenting itself. Aside from popular media and journalistic actions, Chris Tse has hired a couple of professionals to design and develop a website that is just as creative, modern and useful as the project itself. They have made good work using different methods of colour correction to make the website “flow” easily while reading it.

The whitepaper isn`t far behind with its 54 pages. It is extensively written and is there to make clear whatever kind of misunderstanding there could have happened. With a good writing style and many graphs the information on those 54 pages is easily understandable even for people with very limited knowledge about the blockchain system.

The whole thing wouldn’t work without smart contracts which in turs work with the token created especially for Cardstack and it is called CARD for short. It is an Etherium-based ERC20 token. During all the events, the maximum number of the Cardstack tokens is going to be 10,000,000,000 CARD. Most of the Cardstack tokens are going to be distributed to makers, miners and users. Some of the tokens are going to be reserved for the Syndicate and Foundation.

Is it that good?

Considering how, unlike most cryptocurrencies, they have found a practical use of the miners I say yes, they are really that good. And what I mean by practical use of the miners is that unlike, let`s say Bitcoin that makes miners solve meaningless mathematical equations, Cardstack makes the miners solve equations that help distribute the reward function of who and how much gets paid. I am not going to talk about the reward function and how it is connected because the team has done a great job at explaining it in the whitepaper but I am going to congratulate them on creating a way in which payments aren`t going to be in the hands of a single party but instead are going to be fairly distributed. Which honestly is something that we all need in our day-to-day life.

And with their many and strong partners, I am sure that someday we are going to get these useful luxurious features.

Disclosure: This article is participating in the ICO Bounty Media Campaign for reward. Please be advised that everything written in the article is my personal opinion and it is NOT investment advice. 

Cardstack website: https://cardstack.com

Link to the Telegram group: https://telegram.me/cardstack

Link to the ANN thread: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=2768237.0

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