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Opiria – the PDATA Token for Secure Trading of Personal Data

RoonyBlackMay 18, 2018, 7:49:16 PM

About PDATA & Opiria

Opiria is an already working project, aiming to gather personal customer data, in order to improve customer experience with a given product or service. Established companies like Audi, BMW and many more are part of the ecosystem that provides them with the needed customers’ opinion for better future partnerships. What is particularly innovative about this platform is that it collects personal data in a way that rewards the users for their willingness to share their details. Not only can they choose how far to express their opinion, but they also get tokens for it as a sign of appreciation.

The whole platform follows the new GDPR guidelines, which is the regulation in EU for data protection and makes the platform also attractive for brands that have strict law boundaries. Personally, I believe it is also a matter of good image, when it comes to joining a properly legal established project like this one. Another advantage is that the company has already developed a working product and it has proven to be a successful one, thanks to the many partnerships with big trusted companies around the globe.

One of the best features of the platform is that it shares the feedback directly with the firms that are eager to have this information. There are no intermediaries that can disrupt or alter the information on the way to the end customer company that wants to gather it. On the other hand, if the people, who want to share their thoughts and gain PDATA tokens for it, are familiar with the fact that Opiria does not transform their data or share it with third parties, they will be willing to give honest answers and on more questions. This is explained in the whitepaper, which is informative as well as simple to comprehend – no complex words are used for the sole purpose of understanding the idea in the best way possible, if the reader is not a specialist in the area.

Main characteristics of the project

The Opiria Company was founded in July 2015 and since then proves to be a successful tool on the market. The platform was launched in the end of 2016 and in the year of 2017 the company already has 50 customers using it and successful partnerships. In April 2018 the PDATA token is released on the market, making the platform usable and ready for new challenges. As part of the planned updates are for the remaining months of 2018 more functional settings like emotions capturing and modules for the Opiria 2.0. In 2019 the main areas for development will be in the web services and applications for smart devices. In 2020 is also planned a release of the platform for PC and laptop purposes.

The team consists of many professionals in different areas, who speak many foreign languages and are motivated to succeed in an international environment. Some of the main members of the Opiria leaders and developers are:

The company also has a board of advisors, including the Founder and CEO of BlockchainLab – Ismail Malik with more than 20 years business experience in technology fields and startups. Advisors from big companies like Audi, Innovating Capital and Factury Inc. are also on board.

In the legal sphere of work, Opiria is counting on some of the best professionals from big law and tax companies that have proven themselves as legal advisors in more than 50 counties around the world (ETL, Baumgartner & Maechler, etc.)

The whitepaper is 78 pages long and has many paragraphs that are structured in the beginning. It includes a lot of information but although some technical terms and facts are used, it is not presented in a complicated way. It is easy to read and comprehend and the sections are clearly specified in the table of contents. The website is traditionally structured with a countdown for the public pre-sale that catches the eye at first click. It also has many links and shortcuts to its contents and interactively presents YouTube videos and other information about the project, for example partners, concept, vision, mission and so on.

The token name is PDATA and it is a standard ERC 20 Ethereum token type. The price for one token is USD 0.10 and the hardcap given by Opiria is USD 30.000.000. Customers also have to possibility to earn tokens with a greater value after they reach a certain level. The more tokens they buy they have the possibility to start from bronze through silver and in the end gold token holders. The public pre-sale started on 20.04.2018 and has a set end date 15.06.2018. The softcap for the pre-sale period is 2.500 USD. The main sale will take place from 16.06.2018 until 14.07.2017 and there is a possibility for a hardcap of USD 35.000.000 if a high interested is noticed. The tokens for sale at the moment are 450.000.000 and the bonus is 20%.

What I like about the project

What I find particularly enjoyable about Opiria is the freedom given to the users. They can share as much as they want from their personal data in exchange for PDATA tokens. Not only do companies profit from such a direct connection to their customer, in order to get instant and truthful feedback, but also the customers can help the firm develop itself to provide them better service. A platform, which can connect the most important aspects of the job of a goods and services provider with the answers from people who can advise him instantly on how to satisfy their needs better, is worth investing in. Therefore, I would strongly recommend consumers and companies to join the Opiria network together for a better collaboration between one another and many more mutual benefits.

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Opiria Official Website: https://opiria.io/

Opiria Telegram Group: https://t.me/PDATAtoken

Opiria ANN Thread: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=3076122

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