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All Muslims must be classified as terrorists (jihadists) at war with the United States et al..

Jihad CountermeasuresMay 15, 2018, 5:25:25 PM
💥 Islam is a terrorist (jihadist) organization at war with the United States. A Muslim is a member of Islam. There are many divisions that operate under Islam. Some division names are Muslim Brotherhood, CAIR, Al-Qaeda, Boko-Haram, Hamas, Muslim American Society, ISIS, and OIC; there are many more names. The mission of all Muslims, as members of Islam, is to remove all Kafirs (non-Muslims) and their governments and replace them exclusively with Muslims and Muslim law. Most people are fooled by Muslims and give them names like "innocent Muslim", "radical Muslim", "extremist" or "moderate Muslim", but no person can be a Muslim unless they obey the unabrogated verses of the unholy Qur`an and emulate Muhammad. Due to the doctrine of Islamic deception, if any person identifies as a Muslim, regardless of what type they are perceived as, they are the mortal enemy of the Kafir.

    Islam must be designated as a terrorist organization at war with the United States. All Muslims must be either converted out of Islam, expelled, or terminated. These choices seem harsh, but nothing else will work that will save the United States from being converted into another Muslim shit-hole country eventually. Also, Jihad Stage 3 has always included the mass murder of millions of Kafirs and then the cruel enslavement of the survivors. See my channel for an explanation of the "Three Stages of Jihad".

The 1st Amendment of the U.S. Constitution must be modified to show us that no enemy organization deserves the protection of religious immunity because too many people don`t have enough sense to understand this.

Otherwise, I am open to suggestions on how to save America from the Muslim.

#BANISLAM #expelallmuslims