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eMarketChain – Next Step in the Revolution of Online Purchases

RoonyBlackMay 13, 2018, 12:21:08 PM

About eMarketChain

eMarketChain is a platform, developed especially for all people who prefer online shopping but also want to use it as a type of money-saving service. We all know that some products are cheaper to buy online because this eliminates the costs of transportation from warehouses to stores and therefore the end-user can purchase at a lower price.

The main idea behind this project is avoiding the unnecessary fees that come when a transaction has to be made between a consumer and a merchandiser. As a study has shown, many intermediaries like online platforms that allow us to search for items from different brands gain around 12-15 % commission from the price we pay. The users often have no idea that they are paying for this service, or they usually find out at the end of the purchase, when they click to pay all costs. With the blockchain technology used by eMarketChain it is now possible to shorten the process, in order to pay the realistic amount of money for the purchased products and services.

As we can see many of the big dealers have a commission range between 5 and 15% costs:

What is innovative about the eMarketChain platform is that it aims to be the main provider of such services. It gathers information from all shops and shows deals and special offers at first click. Many other companies allow users to buy goods at one price and after paying the costs show possible discounts. eMarketChain gives the opportunity for its customers to also activate notifications, so that they never miss a limited offer.

What is particularly enjoyable for me about this project is that it allows users and merchandisers to benefit at the same time. The platform allows users to search through many alternatives, provided by a big amount of traders. At the same time, all sellers have the possibility to upload, change and manage the items they have in stock and the deals they have to offer.

I think the project has good prospects for becoming a very popular platform, mainly due to the fact that it displays transparent information without hidden fees or items and it is already followed by 3463 people on Facebook.

Main characteristics

The token pre-sale was planned for 15.04.2018 and ended on 29.04.2018 (or when a hardcap for the pre-sale event of 18,000 ETH is reached, whichever comes first). The pre-sale price is 12,000 EMAC per 1 ETH. The launch of the E-commerce platform is planned for the beginning of 2019. Until then the company will be managing the main token sale. Until the end of 2019 the EMAC e-commerce market will be properly working and allowing users to explore its best features.

The token’s name is EMAC and it is based on the standard ERC20 Ethereum token. A total of 454,000,000 EMAC tokens is planned to be released, as the unsold will be eliminated. The hardcap is determined to be 32000 ETH, which equals 320,000,000 EMAC (1 ETH = 10,000 EMAC). The main sale is planned from 29.04.2018 until 29.05.2018. According to the official information on the website, with every 10,000 ETH sold, the price will be 500 EMAC per ETH lower than the previous sale period. When the sale reaches 30,000 ETH, the price will be finally fixed at 1 ETH = 10,000 EMAC.

Another interesting information to find on the website is the token allocation and use of funds:

The team consists of 14 professionals in different business fields. All experts have a minimum 6 years of experience in professional spheres like web and graphic design, corporate finance and accounting, information technologies, law, international relations, online marketing, web development and many more. Both legal advisors are lawyers with more than 20 years actively practice in the field and also expertise with blockchain technologies and tax-related matters. On the website and in the whitepaper there is still no information about partnerships but it will be surely updated, as the platform is created for the use of individuals and companies.

The whitepaper is 37 pages long and presents in great detail the main idea and why it should be invested in. It also contains legal aspects, in order to be totally law-adjusted and show it is legally founded. The information is presented visually with the help of many tables and pictures but it is mainly understandable thanks to the many examples given in the text.

The website is also user-friendly and made interactive with quick links to the information a user would like to access at any moment. It has a countdown for the end of the main sale and a video included for a visual representation of the idea. It has a one-pager with a summary of the most important aspects gathered and a link for people, who want to buy tokens and become part of the project. The main color of the website is green and it is very interesting in terms of appearance.

What I like about this project

Personally, I was really fascinated by the idea of overcoming the problem with all additional costs that are connected to a single purchase. Many young people and not only use the Internet today to buy items, in order to spare time and money to go to malls, shopping centers or stores in different parts of their cities. Not all people have the time and are willing to spend many hours exploring the products and opportunities for discounts. It is natural that every person is interested in obtaining the desired goods at the lowest possible price. It has not been possible so far to compare different offers on one platform. It will be very efficient and beneficial for companies as well as buyers to use one single click, in order to instantly find deals and products offered by many trademarks. This platform will be the future and revolutionary tool in the field of e-commerce and in my opinion a very useful way to purchase low-cost goods and services by eliminating all intermediaries, whose sole purpose is to generate revenue from fees and mere online traffic.

Disclosure: This article is participating in the ICO Bounty Media Campaign for reward. Please be advised that everything written in the article is my personal opinion and it is NOT investment advice. 

eMarketChain Official Website: https://emarketchain.co/

eMarketChain Whitepaper: https://emarketchain.co/whitepaper.pdf

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