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We, humans, are free.

E. Soronellas AmadorMay 10, 2018, 7:49:56 PM

We, humans, are free. 

Free to change ourselves, 

our self-made decrees, 

our hand-written impositions. 

We, humans, are free. 

Free to allow our lives to thrive, 

opportunities to reach us, 

other beings to help us. 

We, humans, are free. 

Free to forgive our mistakes, 

our human disproportions, 

our irrational fears of the nonsense. 

We, humans, are free. 

Free to love our visions. 

Free to love our troubles. 

Free to feel, to trust, to surrender. 

Free to reach the stars and the sun. 

Free to overgrow our invented limits and be. 

May the healing wings of changes 

set every one of us free 

into the lateral abundance of wisdom 

where the creative nature of every being 

is due to complement every Peace. 

Love to all!