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The Male Crisis Part 1| How Feminism Can Destroy The Lives of Men and Children

Unquiet ContentionMay 9, 2018, 8:03:05 AM

Despite the seemingly hyperbolic title of this series, it is not predominantly an anti-female one. This series is simply intended to be factual and honest about a situation that has been observed for over thirty years, and indeed this situation has been going on since the birth of the feminist movement.

In each episode, I will talk about a problem in detail that men face, and contrast it with those faced by others within our society, sometimes women, sometimes feminists, and sometimes both. I harbour no personal hatred towards feminists, but I do hate the feminist movement.

It has caused so much harm to the traditional family household that it boggles my mind why anyone would ever support it. Then I realise, most people don't know the statistics behind the damage it has done. Many pieces of legislation and precedent have taken hold within the UK and the US, and indeed have led to this current situation.

In the UK 1/4th of homes are single parent homes. (source 1) To put that into context If I told you to select from a bowl one of four sweets, and out of that four one was poisoned, would you take those odds? Of those 1/4th, only 10% of these single parent homes are run by fathers. That’s 90% of single parent homes headed by the mother.

Of that 25% of single parent households, 22.5% of all households in the UK are living without a father. Well why is that such a big deal? Why should we care? Shouldn’t we look at things from an objective and detached standpoint?

If I told you that 22.5% of households lived without their mothers, the world would be in shock and appalled, but because it’s the father that’s missing, that’s suddenly alright within the eyes of society?

People are wondering why so many people are obsessive as hell about their political opinions, about their ideas surrounding politics and identity and so on, but they fail to realise that 22.5% of the population in the UK are without fathers at all. Let me explain why that’s a terrible thing.

The mother provides a nurturing role, being gentle and teaching the child how to control their emotions, as well as talking them through key aspects of their development, cooking for the child, and so on.

The father is a guiding figure, where the mother guides through kindness, the father’s role is to help shape the opinions and ideas of their child, not tell them what to think but how to think.

The father’s role is also to teach the child the value of the harshness of society and reality in a gentle and kind way, to show the child how to use their hands and build things both physical and things that have huge practical utility, such as sensible ideas and being well-rounded as an individual.

It is the father’s role to be like a nurturing but somewhat distant guiding role in the child’s life.

You aren’t supposed to be completely involved with your child as a father, but must always be available to help the child as you see fit. It’s also the role of the father to provide the most income, which is why the father must be distant from the relationship to some extent.

Another reason of course is the fact that relationships with children that become close can often become messy, with the father becoming as overly smothering to the child as the mother, and with attachment disorders building within the child’s life. The distance of the father as a role is often discarded as non-important.

Contrary to popular belief and contrary to the ideological zealots, the role of the father is not to be a tender and loving figure. That’s the mother’s role. The father provides just enough love, but is predominantly needed as the child develops into a young adult. Make no mistake, though, without the father’s influence a child will screw up and become an illogical, overly feeling mess.

In some instances, the mother can provide just enough of both roles (the masculine and the feminine) to raise a child, but studies and observational evidence clearly shows that the absolute best situation for a family to be in is one father, one mother and two children, the traditional family unit.

Now let’s talk about what happens when a father is absent. When a child is raised with no father figure, and indeed no access to the domain of the masculine at all, the child becomes confused and weak of will, collapsing to any amount of pressure.

Children born into fatherless homes are more than twice as likely to commit suicide in later life. (Source 2) This statistic is incredibly prevalent and shows that children born to fatherless homes have an incredibly weak or reduced state of mental health. Suicide doesn’t exist in a vacuum, it happens because of damage done to the child on a deeper level by being fatherless.

Again, the father’s role is to be the grounding force behind a child’s development, without it the child has no safety valve to stop them from being exposed to the wider harm of society.

And if you believe there is no wider harm in society, you need a reality check: Bullies, violent crime, attacks of an unwarranted nature, predatory people who want to cause you nothing but harm, the development of a social life, the development of interpersonal skills; a father is the gateway into society who can control precisely how much of it you are exposed to.

On top of this, 71% of school dropouts are fatherless, and score worse on educational tests. (Source 3)

And what happens when children don’t have this safety valve?

They become angry. They don’t have goals in their lives, they rebel and before you know it, the role of the masculine goes to X authority, where X is the government, the police force, the university or their place of work. Only in the latter is the result neutral to positive.

Obsessive obedience to universities is what has caused the explosion of the LGBTQAIXYZVWXCYZ Dragon Canon community. In all seriousness, though the erosion of the male informant figure in children’s lives, the father, has led to every far-left problem we have seen, ranging from Antifa to the idiots with purple-pink-green and brown hair who identify as toasters.

When children have no direction, they become illogical little monsters and those illogical little monsters become unthinking, unrepentant ideological people capable of further eroding the system, making others suffer to fatherlessness simply because they suffered.

So perhaps instead, when all the ideological crap is said and done and everyone moves to a more conservative position (as is statistically happening) we will see instead a call for more fathers and for a more traditional system of marriage, despite the drop in religiosity. One can only hope.

It’s already happening, with Generation Z being called ‘the most conservative generation since World War II.' (Source 4) And we have the feminists and their overly protective mothers excluding them from their father’s lives to thank for it.

So, thank you, feminism for creating a future generation that is far more reasonable than ever before. Let us hope we never repeat the mistakes of this horrific experiment. And to all the fathers out there fighting for custody, rest assured, the tides are changing and it isn’t in the feminist’s favour.

Thank you for listening.


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