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Light Tracer First Impression

PewsplosionsMay 8, 2018, 8:56:53 PM

Recently I came across a unique indie game called Light Tracer. When you get the VR bug it doesn't take long to realize the title selection is full of short, enjoyable titles and you are constantly looking for the next game to play. Light Tracer should be that next game. It is a rather unique platformer in which you guide a princess through puzzles using your light staff.

Of all the PSVR games I have played so far, this has actually been the most challenging for me. I do not have steady hands to say the least and being able to guide her on a good path is often crucial. That is not to say if you also do not have steady hands you should not play it. It just makes it slightly more difficult. It is still quite fun.

Another thing that came to mind while playing it was, does this really need to be VR? It is nice to be immersed in the world but as you are mostly facing forward and just using the wands to move the characters around... it may have been just as fun without the headset and on the TV.

Light Tracer is pretty unique among PSVR games though. For one, it is one of the longer of the games. I am not finished, hence the title first impressions, but already I have spent about an hour in the game and have cleared only one chapter. I believe there are 8 chapters total and extra goals throughout. Which still isn't going to be years of attention grabbing gameplay but compared to a lot of PSVR games, Light Tracer can provide some extended fun.

It is also nice on the eyes. I like the visual asthetic and the graphics are cutesy but appealing in a bigger way. Although my five year old neice said the main character is scary and she doesn't like her. (>.<)

So my first impression is that Light Tracer should have a home in anyone's PSVR library. I look forward to completing it. I do have a feeling I'm going to struggle some but I am up for the challenge.

For those that play Steam and not PSVR, I am fairly sure it is also available there.

If these kinds of indie virtual reality games appeal to you let me know in the comments and maybe I'll try to do more blogs like this.

Also check out Oasis Games Twitter page for more goodies on the horizon and a fun little community. Support indie games!