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Autonomous vehicles – the future of the courier services?

StaynMay 8, 2018, 4:35:14 PM

DAV is decentralized autonomous vehicles network, which provides the environment for these devices to work successfully. It has three basic elements – Decentralized discovery, Communication protocol and Trustless cooperation tools.

Review of the Roadmap and Whitepaper

DAV was founded in January, 2017. The team is now working on the first drone delivery to be negotiated and completed autonomously. The next steps for the project are Network launch, Drone flight planning service launch, Drone charging service launch etc. Until 2018 DAV’s team expect to finish with Decentralized non-autonomous ride-hailing network realized and in 2019 Long range drone flight supported by a network of charging stations.

The innovation hiding fortunately, the next step to the many more innovations which will appear and realize thank the DAV.

DAV solves two major problems. One of them is undoubtedly true – the environment that all the autonomous vehicles need, videlicet the network. The solution of the changing of the vendor system, we can also look at it as a new problem – eliminating the human labor force. But this is a controversial issue because after DAV, the business needs someone to operate the autonomous vehicles when they need a human hand, for example, when we need to load the car with petrol or pay for the park and etc.

Something very important in this project is the opportunities after the realization of it. It’s open a new era for the provider’s prices for deliveries. This is the key moment, in which one of the best players on the market join – brands such as IBM, UPS, Ford, Google, NASA, SAP, GM, Ethereum etc.

We can see here the main issues and solutions of the problems, how they work and everything we need to know. The content is strictly tidy and we can also see the risks. It consists of 24 pages without attractive pictures and visual effects. They put up to the clean type of WP which shows that they are self-confident in their project.

The website review is like American Highway – we can very easy to find everything we need and also to come back if we are in the wrong way. Maybe the visual effects will help more, but the boring view is for the big players on the market who can understand the main idea.

The token sale will be from 11 June, 2018 to 25 June, 2018. At this time, the token sale is restricted for persons from certain jurisdictions including the US or China.


In my opinion, people of the team and the partners are the biggest players on the market. That’s why, maybe we really need to go in the future and find a solution for provider’s prices in a physical and digital world also.

To make utilize autonomous vehicles, big business needs an environment where they can accomplish the real communication with these devices only through DAV.

For more information: https://dav.network/ 

Here is the Whitepaper: https://dav.network/whitepaper.pdf

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