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COUNTINGHOUSE FUND: Cryptocurrency Hedge Fund

RoonyBlackMay 7, 2018, 8:36:47 AM

Explanation of the Idea

The traditional trading market has been popular for years. It was only about time people to start trading with crypto assets. Crypto assets are the hit of our generation now and they are quickly becoming a trend. Putting them out on the trade market and creating an algorithm that moves the crypto assets around in order to increase price is a brilliant idea. It is not just buying and selling anymore. The Team of this project have worked very hard to create this mathematical algorithm that actually works in order to make a lot of money. As the project is already running and proved itself to be a total success all you can do is read a little further and get to know how to be part of it.

The capital will be divided into various wallets and accounts. So exchange can begin in multiple pairs. The ongoing effort is to continue to increase the number of exchanges as the funds grow.


Surprisingly this project has a very small team. It is formed only by nine members. That is not to say that the project is understaffed. It just means that only nine people contribute very hard for it every day in order for it to work so well. Here you can see the team of COUNTINGHOUSE.

Website and Whitepaper review

The website is very small and limiting in info. It has some of the needed presentation but most of it is hidden and in order to find it you need to kind of search a lot. If you are someone who is already familiar with the project you will have absolutely no problem understanding what's it all about. If you are someone who's about to get to know the project take a look at the Whitepaper. It has all the information you need. All the presentation about the idea, how it was born and why the project was created on the first place, who created it and of course more information about the ICO and how to participate.

ICO Details

What I like about this project?

I have tried before unsuccessfully to be part of the trading market. I simply have no idea how stocks go up and down and how everything is so valuable in one moment and then costs close to nothing 15 seconds later. I simply do not have this confusion anymore because with this project I don't need to think if have to sell now and buy some more later or what should my next step be in order not to loose everything. It comes with instructions. The algorithm created is incredibly easy and makes it so simply even a five-year-old can do it. All need to do is simply get to reading. I didn't really think that something like crypto assets would be available for trading, but since it is so popular right now and all of the new platforms are creating it's own cryptocurrencies and defining it's cost, it is becoming more and more interesting for novice traders like me. 

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Official Website: https://www.countinghousefund.com/

Whitepaper: https://www.countinghousefund.com/whitepaper

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