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Countinghouse - An Established Fund, Entering the Cryptocurrency Market

mirofameMay 5, 2018, 5:11:55 PM

☑️Background Information

Cryptocurrencies in trading nowadays are what the internet was in information exchange when it first appeared. Cryptocurrencies are the future of the money. I believe that someday in the not so distant future they will prevail over fiat currencies. This belief stems from the fact that the cryptocurrency market has grown and continues to do so rapidly. And Countinghouse Fund figured out a way how to help its investors and themselves profit from that growth and ‘revolution’.

✅The Countinghouse Fund & Why It is Revolutionary

There are two main reasons why Countinghouse Fund is perfect for the job of developing a marketplace for crypto-currencies, from the point of view of expenses and that of innovative and current ideas.

First let us look into the expenses portion of the benefits. The main one is the fact that the company already has a fully developed and highly successful system in place when it comes to fiat currencies. All team has to do is modify it to fit crypto currencies creating the Crypto-currency arm of Countinghouse Fund. The strategies already in place are devised to make profit from the volatility of the market, which during this period of constant development and implementation of these new, maybe not so much so anymore, crypto currencies we have plenty of. But what evoques even greater confidence is the long-term experience of the company allowing it to adapt these strategies to the possible changes yet to come.

In order to reinforce the stated profits Countignhouse carried out a research in the form of a test year to evaluate the productiveness of the already devised strategies and the results are very promising.

All this leads to the conclusion that little to no additional funds will be needed in order to make this idea reality. And this is also beneficial for investors as the money they will give will go straight to the market rather than being redirected to the further development of the system.

Second we will look into the innovative and current ideas on how to advantage of the above mentioned a few additional resources the company has access to. Its aim is to create a decentralised market, removing the middle man from the equation. Which gives the investors the advantage of the ‘peer-to-peer’ market of the company which, in turn, eases their participation because it allows them to invest as much or as little as they want.

Countinghouse Fund believes that: “this is an important step towards reducing money laundering practices and ensuring the ICO and crypto-currency world will be further legitimised as a currency and investment alternative by regulators across the globe heading into the future.”!!!

Here I will mention a few key values not previously addressed. First is the fact this company provides a direct link between fiat and crypto currencies which they believe is vital for the successful future development of the crypto-currencies. Another value, highly important, is the risk management, secured through carefully calculated mathematical principles ensuring a steady growth of the profits for the investors. And there are many, many more!

☑️Roadmap & Whitepaper Review

The roadmap shows that the company was launched in 2008. Of course, at the beginning it was intended to answer to the demand for fiat currencies’ hedge fund build on these pre-thought strategies. From then on till now the Countinghouse Fund has been a huge success and it has attracted more and more investors. In January 2017 the company started the year-long experiment aiming to implement the same strategies into the world of crypto currencies. After this experiment ends with promising results in the beginning of 2018 the new ICO is planned and launched and currently it is in its pre-sale stage. The plans for the future include the successful end of the ICO and the various stages of trading which will begin right after the funds have been transferred into multiple wallets.

The whitepaper is quite detailed and, in my opinion, highly informative. It provides information about the current state of the market, the company’s place in it, what innovative ideas does the company plan to bring to life, a good and substantial description of the team and its members, information about the ICO, etc. I like the interactive layout of the whitepaper because I believe that there has to be something to catch the eye even before the text itself has been read. The one thing to note is that at first I got a little confused by its structure but with a closer reading I found the logical connections.

The moment I opened the Website, the first thing that made an impression on me was that it looks very professionally made. The tech team really did their job well. The site is very informative, all needed information is available there and it is fairly user-friendly, making that information easily accessible. All in all good whitepaper and website.


The online family of Countinghouse Fund is steadily growing. I believe it will gain more popularity together with the increasing popularity of the crypto-currencies themselves. The social networks are already showing that. The company’s Facebook page has 1,827 followers and its Tweeter account has 682 followers all of which are, as the name suggests, following all new information posted on either of them. The company also has profile in Telegram, which has 3,243 members, it has a profile on Reddit and etc. All proof to the growing interest.


The value of the tokens will increase with the success of the fund, but there will also be an added value to them because, as already mentioned, this fund makes profits from the movements in the market as such.

No soft cap is planned because their already present investors have purchased enough tokens to make the ICO viable. There is, however, a hard cap because they believe that it will stimulate investors to buy because there a limited amount of tokens.

This private sale among the Couninghouse’s fiat currency investors has already sold 5,215,000 units, at the same price as the one during the pre-sale: 1200 CHT for 1 ETH. This sale has generated around US$ 4,3 million.

The allocation of the tokens is clearly depicted on the following diagram:

⚠️What I Like in Countinghouse Fund?

What I believe is most clever and beneficial for Countignhouse Fund is the fact that it has found a way to implement the already devised system in a new way. In this way the company saves itself huge amounts of expenses which would otherwise be directed towards the creation of such a set of strategies. The other main distinctive supportive feature are the benefits for the investors. One of these is the removal of the limit of the accepted amount of investments, an investor can give an amount of his choosing without having to comply to any rules. Another one is the liquidity of the market, and there are many more!

⚠️Disclaimer & Disclosure: None of what I provide in my articles is investment advice. Please do your own due diligence. A link to the article will be sent to the ICO team and they may issue a reward for it.

Countinghouse Whitepaper: https://www.countinghousefund.com/whitepaper

Countinghouse Website: https://www.countinghousefund.com/

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