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Arcona – A Fair Digital World, Powered by Blockchain

mirofameMay 5, 2018, 4:48:20 PM

Have you ever dreamed of a perfect world? Imagine a world, where every centimeter of land is easily shapeable. Imagine a perfect place for artists and business, safe from natural disasters and frauds. Imagine a perfect world, where the most valuable commodity is human’s intelligence, and the place for it. Now stop imagining and look around! This is Arcona! You will ask to me: where is this world? All around us, just everywhere! But this world is not in the reality – it is in the augmented reality! But now…

What is Arcona?

By its creators’ definition – “A blockchain powered ecosystem merging real and virtual worlds worldwide”. This ecosystem creates virtual parcels, accessible through augmented reality device (like Microsoft HoloLens, Google glass and even a smartphone). Arcona’s biggest selling point is the protection of the intellectual property and its place in the virtual world, thanks to blockchain technology. Every piece of intellectual property (software, 3d designs or other intellectual property used in Arcona) as well as the “digital land” for it is well protected with smart contracts, running on a blockchain ledger.

This new world is bringing new opportunities as well as new threats to our society. Let’s start with the positives. The first business benefiting of such technology is the advertisement business, because of the new advertisement space in the virtual world. Of course one of the first winners of the project is going to be the creators, which are creating content to fill up the virtual world. Entertainment busyness can benefit a lot from this technology too, creating virtual entertainment parks (which already exist in a lot of places. More information can be found in the whitepaper). Such a technology can also be used to create virtual planning space for architects and designers.

While this city virtuality can be used for a lot of good, problems will definitely appear a lot of problems in accepting it. Like every other new world changing technology, the augmented reality firstly can be rejected from big part of the society, which can create huge separation. Once accepted the new, world will bring a lot of benefits for the society. Another problem is going to be the availability of quality and cheap devices to be the interface between the virtual and the real worlds.

Technology like Arcona is looking just like something straight out of Sci-Fi movie (I am imagining “The Big Market” from “Valerian And The City of Thousand Planets”). To be honest I am a bit skeptical if the humanity is having the technology to create a good quality virtual world for now, but one is for sure Arcona is way ahead of its time, and will take some time for society to accept it.

The Team

Arcona is a product of Piligrim XXI, experienced team with over five years of developing AR solutions. They have created 8 augmented reality parks in six different European countries. This amazing team is leaded by great CEO - Ilia Korguzalov. He is experienced in leading business, with interest in art-restoring and history. The rest of the team is also very skilled, experienced and professional working individuals, looking into creating one futuristic dream a reality.

I already talked a bit about acceptance of the project from the society. The best way to make this process faster is using social networks and other online media. They have pretty good numbers for now in their social networks. Some numbers – more than 15 000 members in Telegram, 7000 followers in Twitter, 6500 in Facebook. They also can be found in Instagram, YouTube, Medium and forums like Bitcointalk and Reddit. Their overall activity is pretty high, mainly with special promotions and interesting offers.

Arcona’s website is very futuristic, with great design and flawless functionality. I like the combination of purple and light green for design accents, which are going great with the white base. The website is containing just enough information, to catch visitor’s interest, but not bore them. There are links to all needed information, as well as social networks and media sources.

The white paper is very professionally written. It contains 21 themes in 50 pages. Every theme is well explained in details. The design of the whitepaper is different from the one at the website, but it looks more professional, just like for a document. The text is pretty big and easy to read, but still a lot volume to read, giving all the detailed information needed. Overall Arcona is having great whitepaper, with nice explanations.

Arcona is great project, but as such it needs good planning. Shortly explained in 2018 they are planning to launch their development platform, so content creators can start to create their things. In 2019 the plan is to have 10 major cities to partly implement Arcona’s ecosystem. In next 5 years to come the plan is to expand the AR territory to 100 000 square kilometers.


Arcona is bringing the future to the present! The idea of the project is amazing, because is bringing something considered as pure science fiction now. Also creates one amazing and secure environment for creators and business. On the project are working the best specialists, specialized in the AR technologies. But on top of everything good there is a note of skepticism, mainly driven by the state of consumer electronics, and availability of devices to make that dream come true. Overall Arcona is very ambitious project with great future; the only question is short or long term future…

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Arcona’s website: https://www.arcona.io/index.html

Arcona’s whitepaper: https://www.arcona.io/doc/arcona_white_paper_en_3.pdf 

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