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Ubcoin (UBC): ICO - Overview

kronesMay 1, 2018, 7:27:30 AM

What does the company / project do?

Ubcoin is a completely new crypto currency, which is ideal for people who want to use the currency to exchange for goods.

The Ubcoin market is said to be the easiest way to make exchanges with online cryptothermins for real tangible goods or vice versa.

The coin was created by UBank, which currently has more than two and a half million users worldwide. And, finally, this partnership with Samsung and Fly, two of the largest technology companies in the world.

How advanced is the project?

As much as possible - every second smartphone sold in the CIS countries,

pre-packaged with an already installed onboard UBank-application.

UBank is one of the most common applications by default, and the next step is to create the Ubcoin Market in an already existing Ubank application. This, of course, means,that almost immediately more than two and a half million users will be installed with the application installed on the phone.

To date, Ubank already has an internal understanding of how to properly deal with investors.

With more than 16 million users who downloaded the application around the world, they know what they are doing.

And of these over 16 million downloads, over 5 million of them are now registered by users who are actively using the application.

In addition, more than 20 million transactions are processed by the Ubank system every year from 2013. This is a constant, consistent user base, which has been going on for more than 5 years.


The ecosystem for Ubank is designed to exchange goods in order to turn them into a crypto currency, and then back, if necessary. The platform and application successfully overcome the gap existing between the real world and the crypto currency.

The Ubcoin market is the place where the gap is blurring. This is another step forward for the Ubank application.

And now they are one of the leading mobile payment applications in Eastern Europe.

Thanks to Ethereum Blockchain's technology of security and efficiency, the exchange and trading of UBC's crypto currency is working better than ever. This has also been improved through smart peer-to-peer contracts,which make the platform even more attractive to users on it. It is great for buying goods with crypto currency and vice versa.

Ubcoin's Marketplace will soon become part of the Ubank application as a new feature.

The platform, in turn, will also help to facilitate the implementation of simple but advanced intellectual contracts,which work between two different independent parties.

It is ideal for forming into the circle of oneself, a legitimate market with AI technology, which will be used to preview the publication placed by the sellers, to protect people against possible violations, morality, security,in the final analysis: quality, deserved care of all the parties involved.


Now, as if this is not enough, the platform will also provide users with the opportunity to truly benefit from a decentralized network. Initiation and settlement of the company, as well as successful execution of transactions, as well as payments, will immediately increase when performing work on intellectual contracts.

It is very durable,a reliable and faultless interface that is designed to provide harmony, as well as an unhindered experience of buying and selling real goods online around the world.

With the desire to create their own community, some of the force was focused on opening up its API in order to develop better adaptation of the platform,

idealized for specific local needs of users.

They also have a vision of improving the interaction of various third-party suppliers, such as shipping companies and notaries. You can download the app from the Appstore store or get it on Google Play.

If you are serious about crypto currency and invest in it, this is an excellent company for you. It's a well-organized website, with more information about it than almost any other ICO site I've seen.

Ubcoin is great for the general public and people,who would like to use crypto-currencies to purchase tangible goods.

This ICO is worth a closer look.

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