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Sovereignty: The American Dream

Marcus LzuruMay 1, 2018, 12:12:50 AM

Those who beat their swords into plowshares will plow for those who don't. Sovereignty is a precious and often underappreciated thing. We all possess the means to stand up for our Sovereignty and we all possess the means to surrender it. So, when you offer it freely, as the coward craves, do not complain when it's taken from you.

Do not cry that you possess the Right to choose your own destiny while begging to be bound to a leading string, do not profess independence and self-reliance while demanding to be led, do not espouse that you are non-violent when government is your preferred solution, as government is a force of violence, do not demean by declaring your tolerance, as tolerance is an assumption of superiority, and do not pretend to be an American with our flag burning at your feet.

Pity the gullible and pity the fool: a false friend is more dangerous than an open enemy. Government, under the pretensions of caring for us, will always be a false friend. Never trust that presumed friend too far for their very existence is a threat to our Sovereignty, a measure we recognized as necessary for the Just and Practical operations of society, but an instrument that may only avail itself upon the ruin of our Sovereignty; as the stronger it becomes, the weaker its host, leeching from its constituency their Sovereign Right to self-governance so that it, as a hegemonic force on-high, may be the sole instrument of governance and the sole power upon which all must rely; the answer to all of our problems, and an answer only they decide.

As those choices are slowly bled away the chains and shackles begin to clink - a reminder of the old ways; the contrast reminds us that self-governance and independence are fading, sold on the cheap to a false and friendly face, and that we are, once again, subjected to Rule Not Representation; betrayal packaged behind a pretty face. More and more do they advance, committing aggression against our Sovereignty, and more and more do we regret ever trusting them with our Destiny. Now the propaganda churns as the Iron Fist begins to close, we sense a heightening in the tensions, but the American Malaise is just for show. The Legitimacy of a Legislature, purported to represent, caught in a coordinated effort of betraying their own, under the guise of compromise their power grows; again and again we are fed this lie until we’re forced to face the truth: their illegitimacy cannot be denied, an Oligarchy in all but name, too much power in the hands of too few – the Institution became a life of its own at the expense of the very reason we formed it.

Now they no longer seek to speak to the world our dreams and desires; no longer is America a land of mutual respect and decentralized powers, but propaganda meant to conquer the minds of the easily led, to form them into foot soldiers of sedition, manipulating the people to their will – hijacking one cause or the next, instead of listening to what the voices desire, and acting to control, like puppet masters, the destiny of the dependent. Representation has become Rule, this betrayal knows no bounds, for their manipulations and machinations represent only malice as their powers quickly compound.

But the American Dream is not dead, we do remember, which is why to a symbol of resistance and self-determination we remain true, a symbol that also happens to be the means to carry it out; a symbol protected by the Second Amendment that declares we’ll never again be dependent on Oligarchs, no matter how sly; or how kindly they lie. Only so far, with their greasy fingers in every pie, until finally we’re forced to draw the line – and that day, as we all sense, is fast-arriving – all peaceful approach has been reproached by the duplicity inherent in their illegitimacy. Never despair what tomorrow may bring, for the self-reliant, independent, self-governing winter will meet a thaw; the American Dream remains so long as a single person desires it.

And the American Dream is a simple affair: that We the People of the United States are nothing more or less than brothers and sisters of a thousand tribes and only on that day, when the power of love overrules the love of power will this country know domestic tranquility, will this world know peace, and so, as a civilized people, it is our obligation to pursue it. Peace cannot be pursued by conquering the Sovereignty of our brothers and sisters, but rather, by respecting them. It is in this where Liberty resides; to decentralize powers to the Many States, so that each may govern their own destiny or find a home that greets kindly their desires and their views, bound to a Federal Body Politic that remains constrained by strict enumerated powers as to serve a few necessary purposes, but otherwise leaves free the governing to the Many States and thus, the People; so that a great centralized Master does not get to choose winners and losers, does not have the power to promote or oppress, and does not tear our family apart that we may remain very diverse in our views and United in mutual advantage and Defense.

America is predicated on respect and protecting a diversity of ideas, but when a great centralized power becomes destructive of these ends the breadth of diversity dwindles and so does the mutual respect that feeds it. It does not take long after the plunge into Oligarchy that respect becomes disrespect and divisions are exploited for political advantage. All opposing ideas become perceived as a threat and society invariably coalesces into two great prevailing factions rallying its people beneath the banner of vengeance, trampling on the Lives, Liberties and Private Properties of the people caught between them. The Judiciary, the Legislature, and the Executive – they become weapons as populists rise on the winds of fury to the detriment of the Republic and the Ruin of public liberty. Bloodshed is the inevitable result of where this path leads, brothers killing sisters, as we Americans forget our Dream; but the blame is displaced – and this is the key – that it’s not the other faction but the government’s treachery. Take the power from them to rule, to force the people to one law and one view, so that we may once again decide the course of our Respective Ships within the greater fleet of our destiny.