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Multiversum – the Concept of our Generation

RoonyBlackApr 30, 2018, 5:10:22 PM

What is Multiversum? 

Multiversum is here to stay and won`t go away until it shows what can offer to the audience. With complexed data organization instead of the ordinary known data sequencing, chain splitting and rejoining, Multiversum is showing some innovations which can put in service of the clients while by other they are passed.

This new generation is going to be far more client oriented, achieving faster goals and in the same time becoming competitive from a business aspect. Going through this project and making it alive, the team of Multiversum is making it according to the corporative needs appropriate and flexible.

This project is bringing new technologies along with complexed structures, enhancement to the common known strategies and flexibility to processes where before there wasn`t an opportunity.

Multiversum is here for the first place in this race of competitors and new upcoming technologies to the market. Offering unique features to overcome the other ones, Multiversum is on top with not first but 4th generation technology of solutions and strategies. This blockchain technology is new offer and not like other fit for every environment – administrative, industrial, financial and even governmental.

With many strengths, Multiversum is making statement to be something more and thanks to that and to the many abilities that the team have already implemented in the project, this new competitor is very enticing for every person who have eyes for the unique. Indeed the speed is one of them, and thanks to this feature to run with the flow different transactions and to split their own process and to rejoin along with the main blockchain, Multiversum is one of the best multitasking platform which have the capacity to increase the power of the existing blockchain to countless confines.

Roadmap of Multiversum

The listed steps of the progress of Multiversum are many but the important are pointed in the whitepaper loud and clear so anybody can see the main events for this project.

The first is the pre-ICO sale in March 2018 followed by the main sale in April 2018. In June 2018 is provided start of the development of the team and three months later is pointed the step of DBMS on chain abstraction, drivers and libraries. After that three months from that moment is pointed update for the system.

For the year of 2019 for now are listed to steps that are going to be followed by many more but for now the ones that are need to be known are the extension on Android, web and IOS, and the other important step is development of external apps system, multi coin and exchange support.

Team and advisors of the project

Part of the team are experts in areas that are going to be needed for their expertise and years’ experience in business, and for that are put together to make a team of success.

Founder of this platform are Andrea Taini, Michelle Roscelli, Matteo Monti and Matteo Peterlini. Every single of this important figures are responsible for the roots of this project and for that they are here to stay in future as the people who made Multiversum alive and working.

With many different departments with leading experts in them, this platform is ready to grow and give the answer to every client`s need and future upcoming risk for the company.

Advisors for this project are Michele Orzan, Tobias Ratschiller and Henry Monzon.

Whitepaper and website review

The whitepaper of Multiversum is the answer to every question for them and extended review of their mission and services that are ready to be given on the market.

The design of the website and given data information are carefully chosen and very straight on the point of what they are giving on the market to every client.


There are several predictions here that are made and one of them is for the targeted soft and hard cap for the ICO events.

The targeted soft cap is 5 000 000 USD and if it`s not reached during the pre-ICO sale or the main sale, the gathered funds are going to be returned. The other targeted goal is the hard cap of 35 000 000 USD, if it`s reached the donations to the platform will be stopped.

Total supply for the events is 141 000 000 MTV. One of the goals is to donate 1% of the funds to charitable organizations.

The final word of the author

Multiversum is here for the needs. Making profits while answering to every client needs with high security and stability standards is the improvement that`s needed to every unsure eye. In time when revolutions are made many areas are going to join them – public health, finance and even economic system.

Unlike other modern blockchain, Multiversum is here to provide their customers with tool like any other platforms and even to adapt their specific needs.

Disclosure: This article is participating in the ICO Bounty Media Campaign for reward. Please be advised that everything written in the article is my personal opinion and it is NOT investment advice.

Multiversum's Website: https://www.multiversum.io/

Multiversum's Whitepaper: https://www.multiversum.io/whitepaper/WP_English.pdf

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