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DAV – The Transportation Platform of Tomorrow

mirofameApr 30, 2018, 3:21:25 PM

☑️What is DAV and the main idea of the project❓ 

In generation when internet is undivided and reliable source for almost everything, being unique is hard and rear. The most simple explanation for what exactly is Internet is that this network is just an unnumbered amount of computers connected with each other and giving data between one another.

On the step of revolution in almost every aspect of our lives, there`s many that are left behind and without any development they are years after others who are in the first place.

Automotive and transportation industries are on the start of making revolution of our time. The technology that is making everything noticeable is DAV. With this kind of new strategy, the technology that is given by DAV is making everything step ahead – autonomous vehicles. Autonomous vehicles means that people is given the opportunity to make movement of goods or even people which will make that integral part of daily lives of many future clients. As this trend grow, this movement will take a completely different form than before. Simple as that vehicles will be programmatically sent from point one to point two.

✅Roadmap of DAV

The team of experts involved in the project called DAV is working to make the goals more and more achievable and successful. They will work for the targeted goals and future events which are pointed in the whitepaper of the platform. As the development flows with every step the core team of DAV will work without resting until they did not accomplish high and higher standards.

With the born of DAV in January 2017, the team have started the existing of this unique project and with the following events have drawn the road of their baby project who grown to be successful contestant to the other blockchain technologies on the market.

In the following time for DAV are planned many events such as: testaments of the technology, release of autonomous vehicles, network launch, drone flight and many more.

☑️Team and advisors of the project

The leading team of DAV have been brought together to make a platform which will be in serve to the people and to make their lifes more convenient and more easy. With the expertise of founders as Noam Copel, Tal Ater, John Frazer and Joe Lopardo, DAV is already successful and ready to make his clients happy and calm for their future.

To every project there must be advisers, but in here they are not just several common people, they are experts in many areas who together make secure environment for development.

✅Whitepaper and website review

The whitepaper of DAV is ready and easy to readers, but in a way that catches the eye of anyone who chose it. The information and data brought in this document is more than enough to look as if the team of DAV have tought of everything and have the answer for every possible future risk that is up to come at them.

The website of the platform is easy to use and reliable for every question to be given answer and even there is always someone to connect to you on live chat if you wanna to talk about more specific points for the project.

☑️ ICO

As the platform grows, with that is growing and the success, so to be no limits to their platform, the DAV`s token is more than special. The next generation tokens will be distributed as part of a specific program brought by DAV, by which will be provided benefits directly to their consumers in every city.

By giving a portion of its capital amount of tokens, DAV is aiming to seed a secure and sustainable ecosystem of vehicles who will communicate, transact and discover new boundaries of its own.

⚠️The final word of the author

At time when transportation is life savior, DAV is the answer. Making autonomous transportation of goods and even in future maybe people.

DAV`s open platform is the discovery of our time and with the technology, coordination, flexibility and services which this new project is providing, investors and future clients are just matter of time to happen.

The network of DAV provides a service of a new kind – transfer of physical objects. As a global network as is Internet, DAV is one which when you start to use you cannot stop because you will see the benefits.

⚠️Disclaimer & Disclosure: None of what I provide in my articles is investment advice. Please do your own due diligence. A link to the article will be sent to the ICO team and they may issue a reward for it.

DAV's Official Website: https://dav.network/

DAV's Whitepaper: https://dav.network/whitepaper.pdf

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