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WELL – The Virtual Hospital of the Future

mirofameApr 30, 2018, 2:39:42 PM

☑️The Idea

WELL is a platform based on blockchain technology and smart contracts. Its aim is to rebel against conventional methods of healthcare and digitalize the process of consultation. Users will be able to benefit from the remote accessibility, professional opinions and lower costs. The WELL Telemedicine platform provides many advantages, some of which the ability to consult a medical expert from a distance via conference calls or chats, the digital safeguarding of medical records and the patient devices, which will monitor the user’s condition real-time. So many possibilities!

✅The Problem

Currently, there are many problems with the healthcare system. One is that accessibility is limited and the expenses for medical services are high. Paying for those while abroad gets even more complicated when it can take days for transactions to happen and the prices are higher, which is not surprising. You could have expected something like that. Then we have the nightmare called insurance, which no one knows how it works and the process of acquiring payments is beyond intricate. Another problem is that the quality of medical care is not always the best and sometimes the way they keep records is medieval so naturally there are problems with security, when documentation gets lost. And last but not least, there have been many wrongful billings and frauds. Overall, the healthcare system is in need of repairing.

☑️The Solution

Here comes the role of WELL as the doctor to fix the broken patient. Because of its innovative platform, WELL allows access to everyone everywhere. Even if you are on the other side of the planet, you can access its services whenever you want. Then there is also the WELL token, which substantially lowers the costs, speeds the transaction and provides transparency. When it comes to insurance, WELL will immediately relocate funds into the escrow account of the user. Users will be provided with the best professionals from all around the world to give them their opinions through the telemedicine platform. We can say goodbye to the old methods and welcome the digitalized record keeping, which ensures security and simplifies processing. Every step of the process will be recorded and kept so that frauds are avoided. That is convincing, isn’t it? A flawless platform that will benefit everyone!


As of April 26th, 2018, WELL has successfully launched its platform, released a limited trial and received a Medicare license. Right now, it is in the process of a token sale. By the end of 2018, the platform is expected to be released for other types of users and other situations such as self-insured patients and charities. In 2019, WELL plans to form partnerships with government healthcare agencies and countries in the East. The hope for 2020 is to achieve high usage of the platform and an increase of visits per month. I hope to see more of the project in the future in terms of its services. I want to see what else they can develop.

☑️The Team

The founder and the CEO of WELL is Ildar Fazulyanov. The idea of the project came, when he broke his leg in a snowboarding incident and did not acquire the help he needed on time due to the complicated process, so his leg re-broke, which cost him additional expenses. This inspired him to create a platform that will make the process faster, easier and cheaper. He has experience with the healthcare business, having degrees in business, economics and chemical engineering. The co-founder and the chairman of the advisory board Alex Prokhorov is an experienced financial manager.

The rest of the team consists of clinicians, software engineers, developers and designers. All of them are professionals with much experience. This is the recipe for a successful company. It has four advisors. Established partners and clients are Century Pacific Medical Inc., Medicare, Optum, The United States of America Department of Veteran Affairs, TRICARE and others.

✅Information about the Token Sale

The crowdsale began on April 15, 2018 and will end on May 15, 2018 or when the hard cap is reached. Approximately 1.5 billion tokens will be created, each will cost 0.1$. There are several acceptable cryptocurrencies. The hard cap is set for $28 million. On the first day of the sale the bonus was 25%. The next week it was 20%. The week that follows it will be 10% and will fall with 5% each week until the final date. The tokens will be allocated as follows: 40% for the main sale, 40% to the reserves and 20% for the team.

☑️Whitepaper Review

The Whitepaper is 47 pages long. It contains all the information needed and even more. There are a lot of sections that provide detailed descriptions of the healthcare system and how WELL works. There are sections about the tokens, the sale, the team and the roadmap. All boxes are checked then! But there are also variety of examples and real-life situations that give the reader a better understanding of the process and the advantages they get. The design is also great, although there is ten times more text than pictures, but it is quite informative and that is the important thing!

✅Website Review

The website is very well designed. The combination of colors is well-picked. There are sections with the relevant information and a lot of diagrams and pictures which makes it pleasant to look at and more dynamic. There are direct links to the social media accounts and the whitepaper. Well done to the people responsible for it!


WELL has a strong presence in the social media. It has 6 909 members in Telegram, 4480 followers on Facebook, 220 followers on LinkedIn, 2237 on Twitter and 1044 on Instagram. The numbers will rise as it keeps gaining popularity.

⚠️What I like about the project❓

This is a project designed to make people’s lives easier when it comes to their health. In my country, if you want to see a specialist, first you need to visit your family doctor and get a document that allows you to visit the said specialist with minimal costs or none at all if you have health insurance. Then you visit the specialist, receive treatment and then you get back to your family doctor to give them the results. It’s all too complicated, takes a lot of time and makes you nervous. As a person who has a sort of annual subscription to the doctor’s, each year I have to deal with this nonsense. I really like WELL’s idea to put it all on one place and even allow remote consultations and all of this is on global level. There is the situation where you are abroad and something happens and you don’t have your prescription with you so you can’t get the medicine you need. WELL takes care of this problem too, so you don’t have to worry if you don’t pack enough medicine or forget some when you set out on a travel. I don’t believe there are any disadvantages to this platform – it is simply too well developed! 

⚠️Disclaimer & Disclosure: None of what I provide in my articles is investment advice. Please do your own due diligence. A link to the article will be sent to the ICO team and they may issue a reward for it.

Link to the Whitepaper: https://joinwell.io/docs/joinwell-whitepaper-en.pdf

Link to the website: https://joinwell.io/ 

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