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Marijuana legalization? Here's where that question leads. Thought I would share it with Minds.

MetaphysicalAxiomApr 25, 2018, 11:30:21 AM

If people presume to tell me what I can or can't do with my own body then they are insinuating I am their biological property AKA a slave...

It's the polar opposite of freedom... But wait, don't jump to any conclusions; shit is complicated.

Matter of fact, it doesn't even matter if they make it illegal. Those that want to do it are going to do it anyway. Biology doesn't give a fuck about laws.

Which means, yup; I don't give a fuck about the law says. I analyze my actions and do my best to prevent any damage to other people and property, therefore laws are unnecessary for me... But wait, don't jump to conclusions; Shit is complicated.

Unfortunately laws are still required for those who are not capable of analyzing the complexities of reality and therefore they don't have the capabilities for reasonable judgments.

I'm not scannable. There's no political affiliation of which perfectly describes whatever the fuck it is, that I am.

All political affiliations are too simple and idealistic to be appropriate for the complexity of reality. Political labels are more like religious beliefs than anything else... An assortment of arbitrary traits that can be applied to any person at a given moment, kind of like a horoscope or sign.

You see?

I'm pro-choice when it comes to abortion. I'm all about the right to bear arms and I'm against the War on Drugs as well as War in general, (not that Strife can be avoided either but I certainly wouldn't choose it over more efficient and intelligent approaches if I didn't have to)...

I also don't think stupid people should be allowed to breed out of control. It's just too fucking dangerous and an efficient. Overpopulation is going to cause a mass starvation and a die off of a lot of people around 2050.

Nor do I think that stupid people should be allowed to do much of anything without supervision and education. I look at them as a liability... Shit, we are all a liability in one regard or another at one point or another.

We are required to have a license to drive,.. having a license to do recreational drugs and a license to breed makes perfect sense. Just the right amount of Regulation. Still free to do what you want but not free to do it without being educated about the applicable given issue.

Guidelines, not laws. You don't have to follow the guidelines but it would be stupid not to and incentivizing the classes and the acquisition of licenses would be a good way to compensate... It is a lot cheaper than a War on Drugs, that's for sure... or holy war over morality, or baseless arguments over irrational fears, (that last one is in regards to gun control).

Now here's where the ships going to hit the fan and I will lose a large percentage of the majority but it's a good thing that the truth doesn't give a fuck with their opinions are...

Religion needs to be classified as a mental disorder because it is completely fucking delusional. When people pretend they know the answer to the ultimate questions when it is blatantly obvious that they do not... so I don't believe in freedom of religion. Living with delusional religious beliefs is actually living all of life in an ignorant state, without a license in a sense. Without any classes.

All religious people are a liability. Freedom of religion and freedom in general is irrational idealism. (This platform has profoundly proven to me that freedom of speech is irrational idealism. The majority use their freedom here to say whatever they want and therefore they delude themselves into a false belief that they know what they're talking about,... They play their childish games or they abuse everyone with psychological terrorism in the form of trolling. They waste all of their time arguing instead of learning and it's nothing but a massive distraction.)

What the world needs to focus on is awareness because awareness is Curative. Knowing how to think critically and being generally scientifically aware should be our Target; Above All Else, at this current juncture. (I'm applying that to the entire species)... anything else and we are being our own shills because if we don't all know how to think critically as well as the removal of logical fallacy and cognitive bias. We must be in agreement of what the known facts are. If we do not then we can never possibly agree and therefore we can't unify on what to do about much of anything. What we are currently doing is Perpetual War.

Okay back to business...

I'm also a capitalist. We need to profit on the recreational drug Market....

The homemade label creates a contract between the creator of a drug and the consumer. That's how a homemade food product can be sold in a corner store without any FDA approval...

obviously some people choose to buy food and or drugs that have undergone some level of scrutiny and that will be a matter of preference...

Again, regardless of what people want, it's already like that anyway.

Besides, we already know that prohibition doesn't work and whack-a-mole strategies are nothing but a Band-Aid.

If we are going to patch this pile of shit civilization our "predecessors" have left us with then it's going to take a bit of finesse.

Some aspects of biology and ecology, we must flow with rather than demand that the natural order Bend to our will. It would be both naive and childish to expect biology and ecology to not exist in any other form then their current form... awfully presumptuous of the Blindfolded Children of the universe to think that they can control the train of emergence that we are all plastered to the front of.

One of the biggest problems we have is that the people that are running our systems as well as the majority who argue over their opinions and vote people into office don't understand how biology is interacting with the ecosystem or enough about anthropology and even those that do are not very good at connecting all the dots between those fields. (Multidisciplinary practices are just barely starting to gain attention within Collegiate environments; so nobody's to blame. We just aren't there yet, as a species.)

Most of our systems and laws are in conflict with Biology and ecology. The days of business people running the world are coming to an end. It's either that or our species and civilization will end.

If the entire world doesn't admit that it doesn't know what it's talking about and get the fuck out of the way of the scant minority of the population who does indeed have an idea of the what, why, and how; then we are truly fucked... The downfall of civilization and the entropic demise of our species will be inevitable.

The state of civilization has become far too complicated for the systems that were intended for an archaic past to continue being applied. Our systems don't update fast enough anyway but we are at a point where they need a massive paradigm shift...

Anybody who stands in the way of change is slitting everybody's throat... Yep, I'm talking about not only conservatives but anybody who subscribes to any political self-affirmation. All of it is conservative because it's all antiquated.

Back to that "stupid people" being a liability issue I mentioned before. The majority's opinions don't matter in an intellectual capacity. It's just not their bag. It would be asinine to pretend otherwise. Democracy is an utter failure because it is irrational idealism and the complexities of reality don't give a fuck about our ideals. Additionally, the majority don't know how to think and therefore they cannot be responsible voters.

Obviously we can't keep repeating the mistakes of the past and expecting different results. Obviously we can't use the exact same set of tools that broke the system in our attempts to fix it.

Our entire species, the mass consciousness of this planet, even, has to make the most massive paradigm shift it is ever undergone. Adapt or die is the rule for evolution. It's not the strongest that survive, it's the most adaptable and the ability to change as evidence for intelligence.

The entire world must put all of its childish beliefs to rest and acquire a perception of reality that is based on physical facts. Actual understanding instead of pretending to know what they're talking about...

This will create a psychological Revolution and a massive change in our Behavior...

We also need a paradigm shift in our education systems of which need an emphasis on curiosity motivated students with intellectual freedom to satisfy their curiosity while braiding critical thinking and the removal of logical fallacy as well as cognitive bias AND add some basics for what they actually need to know to survive.

We also need an industrial revolution in regards to our economic systems and how we do employment as well as Manufacturing... This is for the purpose of freeing up the time that will be needed for the enhanced education and psychological Revolution in regards to our perception of reality...

Right now people are too distracted and don't have time to have an existential crisis, shit their pants, wipe and grow the fuck up.

For all those people out there that think we have time to be distracted, well, you're fucking retarded. Every single game of high school debate team bullshit that any of you plays is the equivalent of shooting your children or at the very least your grandchildren in the head.

Religion, political affiliation,.. arguing over them on social media,.. Sports, entertainment in general and even more asinine activities like trolling or chasing an economic win are all ammunition for the murder of future Generations.

Today the majority, (both the sheep and those that lead) are quite literally killing us with their diarrhea of the mouth opinions.

Such a magnificent and Powerful Civilization bested by Childish insecurities and ignorant opinions.

Are you fucking serious right now?