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The Tyrannies of Donald J. Trump

Tea Flavored Harbor WaterApr 30, 2018, 5:34:40 PM

While Trump may have done a few things I support, like cut taxes and actually negotiate trade deals, I can't bring myself to trust him like so many people seem to.   So, while I have to admit Trump has already done more things I like than the last president, he's said and done many things that violate the principles of liberty.  

Freedom of the Press

When people weilding government power say and do things to limit the freedom of the press, we must recognize those actions as tyrannical.  While I don't disagree with Trump's assertions that certain outlets are #FakeNews (the evidence is clear), I do find it disturbing that he seemed to want to go after reporters and force them to reveal their sources to stop leaks from within his administration.  Declaring a desire to incarcerate reporters until they reveal their sources is not the desire of someone who wants to promote liberty.  The president is the chief executive of the government, not the people.  If the people want to report what they've learned from government insiders leaking information they should be free to do so without repercussions or fear of being incarcerated.  Suppressing the freedom of the press can only be defined as a tactic of tyrants.   

Trump tweets about an Op-Ed from NYT he doesn't like

Gun Rights

It has been clear since well before the election that Trump has been incredibly weak on gun rights.  From endorsing the no-fly, no-buy policy which would deny Americans the ability to legally purchase firearms without due process, to his claims that he wants to "Take the guns first, go through due process second,” it's clear in spite of his support of the NRA that he doesn't fully support constitutionally affirmed gun rights.  The NRA has also indicated it doesn't support those rights either by promoting federal regulations, but that's another topic I dive more deeply into with this blog:  https://www.minds.com/blog/view/836615154725625856

Surveillance State

Unfortunately, it seems many among us have completely forgotten, or worse, accepted that we now live in a surveillance state that gathers information on innocent Americans without probable cause to do so.  So, what has Trump done to stop this?  Nothing.  While he rants and raves that he was unconstitutionally spied upon during the campaign by the federal government, I haven't seen any sign that he wishes to abolish those intrusive methods from the government toolbox.  I suppose if we as a people are gullible enough to trust a government that utilizes secret courts (FISA), we'll get what we deserve.

Wasting Tax Dollars

It amazes me how quickly conservatives have gone silent on the outrageous spending of the president now that he has an "R" next to his name.  For eight years they were quick to point out how Obama was wasting millions of dollars on trips, and there was no shortage of criticism when he and his wife travelled separately.  I've noticed the amount of golf he plays also is on pace to dwarf Obama's time on the links. 

If your outrage is partisan, it's not legitimate in my eyes.  We should point out the wrongs of our public servants no matter what "team" or "party" they claim to be on.  The fact that most don't is why we have a nation in which our liberties seem to be eroded away every day.

Comparatively, Trump is doing a good job.  I just think it's important to remember the kind of tyrants we're comparing him to.  His more recent predecessors set the bar very low.