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Essentia – for Full Control and Security

mirofameApr 22, 2018, 12:59:09 PM

☑️What is Essentia?

In order to put this simply, I am just going to say that Essentia is a company that gives people the chance to take things into their own hands and secure and control their interactions as well as data and privacy.

✔️But what exactly is the problem?

Well, we all know how much the Internet has entered into our lives and how much we depend on it. And currently with blockchain technology and other innovations this process is becoming more and more rapid. I could not agree more that a security is what we all want and need. Here comes Essentia. While different platforms offer different advantages, nobody is secured against theft, deception and misuse of personal information. More often than not, our data is easy to access and nobody is safe. Honestly, people are not even aware of who they share their information with.

✔️What does Essentia do about this?

Essentia provides security to users and grants them the right to choose what information to expose and what not. In addition, it provides a link between different platforms and thus allowing users to control them from one single place. Essentia aims at decentralization in order to secure the information. All a user needs to do is enter his own personal “seed”. The information is put into a code and that can be accessed anywhere, anytime by the person or machine I belongs to.

I think that the platform will definitely be of great use to users and will contribute to the feeling of safety among people. What I find innovative about this project is that people will be able to incorporate their different works on different platforms into one and this is done in a secure and transparent manner. If I have to say what this project is different from any other, well the answer is everything. The project does not bear any similarity since it pretty much incorporates all existing projects into one.

✅More about the project


The roadmap has started in the first quarter of this year and it extends to the end of 2019. During each quarter there are developments concerning the software, hardware and the public. Currently, the project has entered the second quarter of 2018 and are still working on a number of issues to refine the platform. Developing the project for a number of solutions, prototypes’ selection and many more things are being currently worked on.

✔️The team

Every great project needs an even greater team to implement itself. Essentia in not an exception. The team consists of three founder plus Privacy Conscious. Matteo Gianpietro Zago, Mirco Mongiardino and Vladimir Holubovych are as follows project, product and operations leads. In addition there are twenty one people taking care of the tech and design of the project as well as nine more people taking care of the business and social issues. What is more, the team has six advisors that help them and guide them in their work for better results. This is one great team that has a promising future. Of course the project has established a number of partnerships, some of which include – ICO Alert, Bitkoin.com, Coin.fyi and some more.

✔️Whitepaper and Website overview

When it comes to the whitepaper and the website, I cannot argue that they are very professionally developed and definitely attract the attention. The website provides the basic information about the project as well as it informs about the team, the roadmap and the tokens. The whitepaper is very thorough and reveals more information about the project. It pretty much answers all possible questions by explaining how the platform works.


The symbol for the ICO is ESS and one ETH is estimated to be 15 000 ESS. The tokens will follow the development of the platform. Up to know I haven’t come across the actual dates concerning the tokens, maybe they will appear later on. The distribution will be as follows:


I am personally fascinated by this project. Like every user, I want my personal data and interactions to be private and secured. I think Essentia is the answer to this. The project is very innovative and interesting. It is clear that the team has worked a lot to put their ideas into one platform. What I love about it is that it guarantees decentralization to the highest level possible and people can feel safe when using the net. Another thing that grabbed my attention is the accessibility that the project offers which earns it another points. This project does not look like anything the public has seen before and I can’t wait to see the platform running!

⚠️Disclaimer & Disclosure: None of what I provide in my articles is investment advice. Please do your own due diligence. A link to the article will be sent to the ICO team and they may issue a reward for it.

Essentia Website: https://essentia.one/

Essentia Whitepaper: https://essentia.one/whitepaper_draft.pdf

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