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What software I use

Ryan McCoskrieApr 22, 2018, 7:37:34 AM

@Luculent asked for us Linux users to profile what software we use. I think mine's mostly simple but please tell if something sticks out.

Distro: KDE Neon on the desktop because it combines the latest stable KDE with everything in Ubuntu.

Desktop Environment: KDE because it is more of a DIY kit than a prepackaged work environment. I split it up into eight "Activities" (virtual desktops with different layouts), Administration, Development, Education, Writing, Graphics, Video Production, Communication, Entertainment.

Shell: Zsh with Oh My Zsh's risto theme.

Editor: Vim with NERDTree and NERDTree-Tabs. KDevelop with VIM emulation if I'm doing something KDE specific. I never use something without good VIM emulation because editing mode allows me to alter code close to the speed of thought.

Mail Client: KMail. I did use Thunderbird for a while but it tried to hard to be clever. Once you switch KMail to mailing list view it's extremely straightforward.

Browser: Firefox with a bunch of security plugins. Used to use Vimperator before the plugin architecture changed. I do keep Chrome around just in case.

Word Processor: Lyx because it has great logic/mathematics/science support and I don't believe in WYSIWYG. Kile if I'm doing something super precise. I have written patches for the latter.

Media Player: VLC for playing CDs and DVDs. Spotify because I want to support obscure folk metal and prog rock bands but can't afford to import CDs all of the time. Crunchyroll and AnimeLab for televisual purposes.

Other: Nextcloud for file syncing, cloud calendar/contacts and RSS aggregation paired with desktop and Android clients. Zim for arranging my many, many notes for long term projects into trees.