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Essentia – the Technology that Combines Simplicity and Safety

RoonyBlackApr 21, 2018, 4:45:47 PM

The personal data nowadays is getting more and more endangered. People have many possibilities to create accounts, in order to use different services, like online banking, buying plane tickets, even managing their finances. Companies also operate on a daily basis with various forms of technologies that enable them to work efficiently and provide the service they offer at the highest professional level. However, all of this includes many risks when personal data is considered.

A big problem even the Facebook inventor Mark Zuckerberg has faced is protecting the various aspects of our lives we share on the Internet. Among the security breaches consequences are not only identity thefts but also money stolen and personal life invasion.

The innovative technology by Essentia is the key to solving all of this issues with a click. Created as a project for users and companies at the same time, it is the first platform that combines security and utility. Many accounts can be used simultaneously and they are all protected only for the sole purpose of the user. Not only it is accessible from different devices, but it is also a user-friendly platform that brings the customers one step closer to the possibility to manage their Internet IDs and passwords without the intrusion of third parties.

Particularly interesting and attention catching in this project is the decentralized way the database is developed, in order to serve as a blocker to foreign parties trying to get access to the user’s or company’s information.

Project Characteristics

The project started in the beginning of 2018 with a basic software and hardware settings, including primary functions and settings for individuals only, running tests and as it comes to the popularization – campaigns and launching first application version.

Now Essentia is at stage of work for company’s problems and a beta version of the ESS framework, as well as introducing it to governments.

Until the end of 2018 are planned many advanced technology processes to take place, as well as the ESS-eggs (trusted Essentia devices). 2019 is also fully planned to be the year of additional settings for customization, language, IoT devices and many more.

The founders of the project are Matteo Gianpietro Zago, Mirco Mongiardino and Vladimir Holubovych:

The team has also more than 20 tech support specialists and 9 business professionals.

Advisors with experience have invested their time and effort to make Essentia a unique platform with a futuristic vision and no limits to further development updates.

Essentia is already supported by many big industry players:

The whitepaper is 34 pages long and describes the subject for people not familiar with IT terms, as well as for professionals. The whole information is suited for the needs of the reader and well accompanied by graphics and pictures as visualization tools. The website opens each new additional information block when you scroll down and in this way it is not information obtrusive. The interactive way to present the specifics of the project is the main advantage of the website.

Essentia tokens are called ESS and they are standard ERC-20 type. There is also information about an ESS-X token, which represents a token variation as a stimulus, given to someone who has positively benefited the platform. The value of the token is measured by the formula 1 ETH = 15000 ESS. The pre-ICO period was from 31.01.2018 until 14.02.2018. The token sale started on 1.03.2018 and is planned to continue until 30.04.2018. The total token supply cannot be found on Google but the hardcap is at 32 million US dollar.

To summarize …

What is a virtue of Essentia is the user-friendly easy-to-manage structure they have developed, not only for people but also for companies. The software advanced settings and the transparency of the information in the whitepaper and on the website speak for a high level of IT knowledge and experience involved. Explanations are provided for users whose trust is to be gained and who have the need to be familiar with the specifications and safety algorithms involved before arriving at the decision to be a part of the ecosystem. Essential is one of a kind project, that proves to be useful at time, when the digital information is under constant attacks and needs a reliable protection technique.

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Essentia Whitepaper : https://essentia.one/whitepaper_draft.pdf

Essentia Website: https://essentia.one/

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