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Reptilian Beings. Low Vibrational Consciousness - Avoid it.

Luminous▼SovereignFeb 7, 2020, 2:22:23 PM

Reptilian demons are lower level energy beings. They are only attracted to lower level humans, people with a lower, dark, negative vibration. The only way they can exist in this plane is to attach to humans like parasites. They feed off of our lower emotions like pain, grief, anger, rage, lust, jealousy. Someone’s vibration is based on his/her energy-soul power and consciousness. Being religious or doing yoga etc may make a person think he is on a higher vibration; in reality it is much deeper than that. Most people are on a lower vibration. If someone like Jesus was real, and lived today, he would be that such someone who is on such a higher energetic vibration that those demons and all lower level forces would not be able to touch him; he would be a repellent. Only negativity and fear feed those beings. In the absence of those vibrational states when you vibrate love, harmony and peace...they cannot stand those vibrations and they retreat.

That's why they don't want a balanced vibration of peace, joy and happiness on a constant base and seek to create disharmony, and that’s why we have the phrase like attracts like. It’s a vibrational match. They only go where they are allowed to go. All those Law of Attraction books about self-help and improving your life affirm that your vibrational frequency will attract emotions and physical manifestations of things that vibrate at the same frequency.

Reptilians use liquid crystal holographic technology. Hybrids and Clones have been placed in strategic places to accomplish the NWO Agenda. The Reptilians is a greatly misunderstood race due to our limitations in understanding. The Reptilian Collective consists of several branches. 1) Reptilian: (Pure DNA). 2) Reptoid: (Human- Reptilian Hybrid). 3) Reptilian Hybrid: (Non-Human - Reptilian Hybrid). 4) Draconian: Similar to the original Reptilians, but they're physical. THEY operate at a lower frequency, in which our human senses can't reach...


Human Brain - 72 -90mhz
Human Body (day) - 62-68mhz
Cold Symptoms - 58mhz
Flu Symptoms - 57 mhz
Candida - 55mhz
Cancer - 42mhz
Death Begins - 25mhz

So we are vibrational beings and everything has a vibrational frequency. You are a magnet... If your vibration is low, you attract low vibrational things, people, events, etc. If your vibration is high, you attract high vibrational things, people, events, health, etc. Negative thoughts lower your vibrational frequency by 12mhz. Positive thoughts raise your vibrational frequency by 10mhz.  Prayer and Meditation raises your vibrational frequency by 15mhz. When a person lives a life unaware of their true spiritual nature, their consciousness is stuck in low vibrational frequencies. The elite running this world understand this, and choose to shutter the souls of humankind to not just manage them more easily but to gain a food source. They have lost contact with higher levels of awareness. They’re so locked into their reality that’s deep in their own body consciousness that they are like soulless beings, heartless beings operating purely through the intellect.

Observing them, they are highly clever, with an intelligence quota sky high and a wisdom quota that’s zero. That lethal ratio is the most destructive force on earth. Coming from brain power, which is purely from the level of body consciousness, they have the ability to work things out, calculate, but do not have that higher knowing. They are without empathy. The failsafe mechanism of empathy maintains balance and they have none, because they can do anything to people without having emotional consequence, anything goes. Could we with empathy do what they do, coldly bomb thousands of citizens in desert countries or knowingly let people get sick from cancer to profit off it? We have a built-in emotional guidance in the form of a feeling. We probably wouldn’t believe that they could, or understand how. It’s no good judging them by yourself, on the basis of what you would do, they’re not the same. In their stupid sick rituals they are interacting with entities that are not visible to you, that exist just outside of the perceivable light spectrum. We live in a multiverse like a radio station of different frequencies that interpenetrate.

They are vibrating at different speeds but share the same space, they are not on top of one another like a chest of drawers. If two stations are close enough together you perceive interference. They therefore are interacting with one another. The entities are going that, they are interacting within a range just outside of human sight, and they feed of human energy – fear, stress and all the lower vibrational energy. The age-old practice of sacrificing young virgins to the gods is symbolic of pre-pubescent children being put through horrific rituals and built up to a state of sheer terror before the entities present at the ritual. Adrenaline is released into the bloodstream of the sacrificed victim and the people at the ritual drink the blood, as the extremely low vibrational energy it produces is food to them, and the entities who they are doing the ritual for absorb the energy.

There is a mass creation of this same energy in wars. Credit crunches and banking collapses and anxieties about money are other versions of the harvesting of this energy. The people release terror fear stress and worry in the face of these things. It elicits a low vibrational energy from people that pollutes everything with the gloom and doom. It is a psychic war. And to do something because you feel obligated or pressured, or that you ‘should’, is a heavy vibration on a low frequency too. Guilt and/or obligation are not good reasons for doing things. When you make decisions to do what you genuinely want to do you radiate high frequency light and energy. Peace, calmness, love and harmony are light vibrations with a high frequency.  In contrast fear is a heavy vibration of a low frequency. Animals respond to frequencies of which we as humans are not aware. A dog growls if you are frightened of it, and a horse will immediately know if you are scared and will respond accordingly. If you are feeling strong, confident and loving, all creatures (humans, animals and plants) will respond positively to the high frequency you emit. The elite are massively locked into low vibrational consciousness, there is next to no light in them at all. Other entities like angelic beings have a very high frequency vibration.

Christians talk about demons, Muslims talk about the djinns, ancient accounts talk about the ‘soulless ones’, mediums talk about ‘dark entities’; psychologists talk about psychopaths – all different names for the same thing. Sociopaths, serial killers... top psychologists who study these describe them as if they’re ‘dead’. They have no emotion, nothing of life but a burning light that comes on when they’re torturing a child. They have to be doing something particularly horrible to feel alive. They become total slaves to it. They are slaves to these entities. It makes sense of why the elite families are obsessive inbreeds and don’t breed outside of themselves. The Egyptians said they were gods and had to keep their bloodline in the family. When a baby is conceived, he or she downloads two sets of DNA that fuse onto his one. This is the child’s body consciousness. The bloodlines carry it. DNA is information like software is on a computer, carried on a genetic line, and carries a frequency.

The elite bloodlines in physical form within this reality vibrate to a particular frequency which resonates with the demons-jinn- entities just outside of the visible light spectrum. There has to be a certain compatible vibration to hold them in connection so that demonic entities can possess the bodies of these bloodlines. The web of secret societies in the 3-D physicality guards the secrecy around their networks and ensures that it is the demons-jinn-non-human entities that are actually placed in the positions of power that control our physical world. We look at the elite families with our five sense sight and just see a human level. If you fine-tuned your visual acuity you may see a wider range of frequencies as some clairvoyants do, who see these beings attached to people's chakras and see the entity overshadowing a person.

The Archons and the Reptilians - The Take Over of Earth

Some entities, in the process of their own evolution, began to discover that as they created life and put consciousness into things through modulating the frequencies of forms of consciousness, they could feed themselves; they could keep themselves in charge. They began to Figure out that this is how Prime Creator nourished itself. Prime Creator sends out others to create an electromagnetic frequency of consciousness as a food source for itself.

The new owners of this planet had a different appetite and different preferences than the former owners. They nourished themselves with chaos and fear. These things fed them, stimulated them, and kept them in power.

These new owners who came here 300,000 years ago are the magnificent beings spoken of in your Bible, in the Babylonian and Sumerian tablets, and in texts all over the world. They came to Earth and rearranged the native human species. They rearranged your DNA in order to have you broadcast within a certain limited frequency band whose frequency could feed them and keep them in power.  


The original human was a magnificent being whose twelve strands of DNA were contributed by a variety of sentient civilizations. When the new owners came in, they worked in their laboratories and created versions of humans with a different DNA - the two-stranded, double-helix DNA. They took the original DNA of the human species and disassembled it. The original DNA pattern was left within the human cells, yet it was not functional; it was split apart, unplugged.

Within human cells are light-encoded filaments, fine gossamer threads of energy that carry information. When these gossamer threads are working together like a cable-the way fiber optics works-they form the helix of your DNA. When you here rearranged, you were left with the double helix. Anything that was unnecessary for survival and that could keep you informed was unplugged, leaving you with only a double helix that would lock you into controllable, operable frequencies.

A frequency fence, something like an electrical fence, was put around the-planet to control how much the frequencies of humans could be modulated and changed. As the story goes, this frequency fence made it very difficult for the frequencies of light-information-to penetrate. When light frequencies were able to penetrate the control fence, there was no light to receive them. The humans’ DNA was unplugged, the light-encoded filaments were no longer organized, so the creative cosmic rays that brought light did not have anything to plug into and hold onto.

What part do you play in this story? You are members of the Family of Light. The mere fact that you are reading this book shows that you are Family of Light. For some of you, this is just like a dream. We are reminding you of what you know inside yourselves. We have come onto this planet to trigger your memory banks - to inspire the human race through the band of light so that you will begin to remember who you are, to create your own reality, and to alter the frequency on the planet and claim rightful ownership of yourselves and this territory.