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The Cinema-Going Garbage Man Reviews: Super Troopers 2

TheGarbageManApr 20, 2018, 6:18:18 AM

The Garbage Man's Movie Content Warning:

There’s probably more floppy cock scenes than tit scenes in this movie, so fair warning on that. I wasn’t warned. But I’m so fucking confident in my sexuality, a giant cock right up in my face has no effect on me. Only homos get squeamish at cocks in their face.

Maybe it is, Farva. Maybe it is.

I remember watching the first Super Troopers many, many years ago and many times in between. A go-to for stoners of the 00’s, much smot poke was made during repeated viewings of this movie. So much so that I can’t really watch and enjoy the original.

It's burned into my brain. I repeat lines of dialogue from the damned thing. I really don’t need to see it anymore, I memorized it.

So when the news of Super Troopers 2 came down, as it had almost every 3 years since the originals' release, I said to myself, “we’ll see, pig. We’ll see.”

Then they went hard into it. Broken Lizard wanted this thing made, they were tired of fucking around with studios trying to get the fucking sequel going. 

They launched one of the fastest and most successful Indiegogo campaigns ever. $4.4 million dollars was raised, breaking their goal of $2 million. Super Troopers 2 was going to finally get made.

So, after 17 years, was Super Troopers 2 worth the wait?

Yeah. Yeah, it was.

We the people have made it so.

It’s the same cast and characters, aged as we all have during our 2 decade departure.

The antics are there, the jokes are there. Not painfully regurgitated, but freshfully re-introduced or remembered in non-corny or contrite ways.

It makes you realize why the first movie was so great. It wasn’t the story, the action, even the jokes. 

It was the characters.

And they are back, all of them. With a fucking vengeance.

Farva goes in for the kill.

Plot spoilers ahead.

If you want a fresh movie-seeing experience without having some fuckhead on the internet ruin the first 30 minutes, scroll down to the bottom.

If you don’t plan on seeing Super Troopers 2 or are one of those annoying people that ask fucking questions while the movie is still fucking explaining the plot to you, then please, read on.

Super Troopers 2 opens with probably one of the best dream sequences ever put on the big-screen with Sean William Scott and Damon Wayans Jr. Jr. playing two Vermont troopers pulling over a tour bus containing the old gang! 

They got their own band, Greasy Bacon or something like that, and they trick those dirty troopers into a high-speed car chase. Hilarity ensues.

Farva wakes Rabbit up from his dreams of fame and fortune to have him go back to work. Him, Farva, and Womak are now carpenters, and Farva is their fucking supervisor.

Ramathorn is a lumberjack, never see his wife from the first one, and she is not mentioned either. I don’t the kids were his in the first one either, so it really doesn’t matter. When Foster is dropped off by his wife, Ursula the blonde cop, we find out she is now Mayberry's chief of police and that the rest of the crew had been fired for an “incident” involving Fred Savage.

They are all together to meet with Captian O’Hagen, their old captain. He and the governor of Vermont (Wonder Woman is back in the role!) are getting the old crew back to help with introducing a previously Canadian town into the USA because of some fucking rock placement, plot mechanism, something or other.

Whatever it is, they gots to be getting back at it!

When the get to the new town, the meet the mayor, played by fucking Rob Lowe. We also meet the Monties, the obvious heels, two of which are played by the extraordinarily talented  Will Sasso and Tyler Labine. Sasso was fucking awesome on MadTV and Tyler Labine is great in Tucker and Dale Vs. Evil.

They don't look quite this serious in the actual movie.

Thankfully, they both get a good amount screen time, so good for them.

The crew meet the new township, of which isn’t too happy to be becoming American. We find out over the next couple of scenes that no one North of the previous border is happy about the change.

But something else is happening. More smuggling action means that something is afoot, and all fingers point at the Mounties! But is it them or does Rabbit have to go further into the hole?

Getting it done, Super Trooper-style.

I’m not going to spoil all of it, I can’t. It’s good, a little predictable maybe, but the jokes are fresh and funny.

And that’s all that’s required for me.

It has to make me laugh.

A worthy successor.

Rating: 3 Garbage Cans out of 4. This movie is a worthy sequel to Broken Lizard’s original cult classic. While maybe not as funny as its predecessor, or even Beerfest, it's still a highly competent comedy and a good time.

And Farva, man that fucking guy. Farva steals the show in Super Troopers 2 more than twice, a couple times making me laugh hard enough to gasp for air. His Stephen Hawkings’ impression is not only tastefully current, but spot-fucking-on.

Even though his character is still irritating, we missed him, and an hour and a half with him is just long enough. Long enough for us to catch up with everyone.

And while I hope that this leads to the long-gestated Potfest, Broken Lizard just needs to continue making comedies. We need at least one Broken Lizard movie every 3 years.

Highly recommended to watch while high. 

Just don’t freak out. Man.

This was the movie-hopping Garbage Man. Until the next screening, empty your fucking backpack!