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Brief reflection on Syria - World Gone: M.A.D.

Sarah EaglesfieldApr 17, 2018, 2:40:24 AM

I've been quiet this week. Mainly because I'm sad about the Syria attacks, and trying to understand more about it. Not angry, although I should be: sad, confused, overhwhelmed with conflicting stories, disappointed that so many are celebrating it.

I think what most people fail to realise when they're "living in the moment" is that the Friday 13th Attack, if this escalates any further, will be the one that goes down in the history books. It will be analysed for generations to come.

The main puzzle for me, and it's one that has been mentioned many times, but not dwelled upon that much by other commentators: how can two 'super power' nations, the US and the UK, co-ordinate an attack like that without running it through expected political procedure? Theresa May didn't hold a parliamentary vote, Donald Trump didn't get Congressional approval. Then, it turns out that the targets they hit had already been abandoned. If that doesn't stink of 'deep state' I'm not sure what does.

I received a fair amount of Tweets from people in Syria and those with family over there during the bombing. They were terrified, and understandably annoyed. Homeland retaliation, in the form of terror attacks, wouldn't surprise me. Everyone will blame ISIS, who'll take credit for whatever happens, although it probably won't be them.

Most people I observed on general social media streams seem to have sat like emotionless zombies watching it on TV as if they were watching fireworks. Yet, for the moment, it's all but fallen out of the mainstream news cycle, and their attention has been diverted to other matters. Another Kardashian baby, a celebrity death, an interview with the Queen on UK TV, a superstar wrestling show, and Syria isn't trending anymore.

I'm relatively uneducated on the conflict, but I know the bare basics, which seems to be more than a lot of people I encounter day to day.  I've no doubt in my own mind that the chemical attacks that prompted the airstrikes were a false flag attack - indeed, it's less than a month since I wrote about how we're being pre-conditioned for a war with Russia.

Russia has said that they will retaliate to further attacks, but thankfully, for now, they've stood down. Those who said this would lead to World War III were possibly slightly ahead of themselves, but they've yet to be proven wrong. "Lol at the Russians, we'll slaughter them" the more foolhardy Conservative circle are joking.

It's possible we will, but not before they've slaughtered many of us.