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'Toxic Masculinity' | A Toxic Phrase for Society-Building Behaviour

Unquiet ContentionApr 15, 2018, 3:10:18 PM

I've heard a lot about so-called 'toxic masculinity' lately. It's the claim that by way of being men, in other words, by way of being on average more reclusive, but efficient, harm is done to men.

While taking to the absolute logical extreme, this is evidently the case, with a huge number of suicidal men being men, as well as a huge number of actual suicides being committed by men, it is the case that the ability to discard emotional problems in place of practical solutions within men has led to this civilisation.

How many men toiled day and night to design the phone or computer components you're using to read this message? Should we stop doing something that benefits all of civilisation, creates technological advancement, etc. simply because it harms men? No. And if we ever did try to force men to slow down their work-based-distractions from their own problems, we'd see a huge drop in productivity and in advancements.

Society is built on the suffering of men. Well over 60% of the population of men will not reproduce. Despite this, they choose to generate a legacy of technological advancement, produce life saving drugs, cures to diseases, methods of saving huge numbers of lives, and what do they get? They get told to slow down, let the women take their places and get called sexist and racist for existing.

Now, of course not all feminists see so-called 'toxic masculinity' otherwise known as ruthless productivity as a negative thing, but most do. And indeed even my girlfriend sees it as a negative thing. I, however, do not. I see it as necessary to society's advancement, and if women want to work at the level men have been working at for generations, they will have to suffer too.

Productivity involves production, and you don't get production without a reduction of one's personal freedom. On a production line for example, you produce pre-designed products that are sold and make people a lot of money. The exploited resource is your time and energy. The pay off is a marginal cut of those financial resources. By doing work, any work, you are agreeing to have your time spent working on a goal.

And that's what your average feminist is scared of, work and achievable goals. Now, do I agree that men should ignore their mental health issues? No, they should get them sorted if they can. But that doesn't mean men should have to slow down production and development of technologies, of cures for diseases, etc.

And that's the difference between men and women: your average man would rather suffer to the end, where as your average women would become the suffering and centralise her life, and her social life on the suffering and recovery from it. As a man, I find the idea of becoming consumed entirely with the idea of being a victim rather disgusting, to be honest. I'd much rather suffer than I would stay still and pity myself.

I offload a few problems in passing and that's about it. If I were to tell people the bulk of my problems, I'd lose my mind trying to organise such problems into words, because most problems that men have are practical rather than emotional. I personally think in terms of places and goals, where as this trait seems to be missing in many women.

And once again, it all comes down to the fact that biological differences in the sexes are causative to why, how much and what a person thinks, is, does and experiences. Pain and suffering can be channelled into drive and focus in many men. And it is this fact that men exploit every day to their advantage. It's why men are at the top of the ladder.

It's why men get paid more in professions due to a higher drive to succeed. It's why men are leading the world. Can a woman do the same? Can a woman exploit 'toxic masculinity' within her own being? Well, I'd argue that they can and do every day, too.

Productivity is not just measured on one vector. Women can transform emotions into drive but do so much less frequently, as is evidenced by the low number of female leaders of Fortune Five Hundred companies. So, men use their pain and suffering to drive forward. If women want to succeed, I suggest stop trying to change men and start changing yourselves.

The future isn't in chaotic emotions, jealousies and a selfish want and desire to destroy aspects of our society that we need, but to become those things.

And to men out there, I'd certainly say it's okay to get the help you need, just don't become the problem you're facing and think of every problem as something to combat, rather than as an all consuming mass. I've been there, but it does get easier, and it will work out.

Thanks for listening.