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TAKLIMAKAN - the Platform for Building Synergetic Blockchain Partnerships

RoonyBlackApr 15, 2018, 3:08:46 PM

Presentation of the project

If you are searching for a platform that connects different stakeholders of the market and creates mutual benefits then Taklimakan is the right place to be. It is a bloсkchain-based mentoring platform for the crypto community for different kinds of people like cryptocurrency investors, traders, analysts being a connecting resource between beginners and experts. one of the goals is to attract and help inexperienced investors with new tools and great knowledge base. 

On the other hand, experienced traders and analysts will be encouraged to share their experience and help newcomers to become more efficient in personal fund management. The platform gives you a great opportunity to select a crypto investment mentor, take a course of webinars and lectures, full access to the blockchain technology library. Of course, more skilled users who will help people from different countries in their training with individual consultations, training materials, webinars and others will be rewarded, in this case with TKLN tokens. For the first time, there is a platform that will be at the same time educational center, analytical center, news aggregator and will contain trade instrumentals.

Main features and parameters of the project


The project started in 2017. As in every beginning, there is analysis of the market and its problems, development of the idea and concept, forming the strategy, the core team, the whitepaper. Then from October to November 2017, there is research of industry and problems. Here are the presentation to users, marketing campaign platform, private pre-sale. From October to March 2018 are public pre-sale and development and expansion. They contain the marketing campaign, engaging experts, and analysts, platform development finding partnerships and media resources, forming digital library, working with the community. From April to June 2018 we should expect the token sale and more specifically the alpha version release and international expansion, then till August will be the beta version release which will be running with full operational capacities and a mobile application will be developed. The last step to December 2018 will be engaging new users in which we should see the beta version of the mobile app and the global marketing campaign.


The project team consists from professional traders, analysts, marketers, investors and blockchain developers. The founders are three people.

Rashid Yussup is the CEO. He has more than 9 years experience in financial markets, more than 2 years in IT projects, more than 8 years entrepreneurial experience in the offline business in UAE and Kazakhstan and since 2014 he invests in the cryptocurrency market. Rustam Kairy is the other co-founder and Chief Operating Officer. He is an entrepreneur, private investor, political and social activist. His experience is more than 7 years in FX and stock trading, 3 years in cryptocurrency trading and had an experience in creating and promoting online businesses in the Kazakhstan market. The third co-founder is Yong Ming Hong who is the Chief Financial Officer. He has entrepreneurial experience specializing in online business in the Chinese market since 2004, also significant experience in conducting pre-investment analysis on technological startups and has monitored and conducted an in-depth analysis of Asian startups. 

The team has 21 more people, 9 of them advisors and each with an impressive experience in different positions. From information in several sentences for everyone, you can get an idea what powerful team is behind the project. Also if you want to find out more about them, you can open their LinkedIn profiles, which they have kindly provided, as well as a picture of each of them.


Taklimakan has already strategic partners in the face of SocialMedia.Market, UseTech, Linker Coin, CCINT, Achain, Central Asia Investments. And talso marketing and legal partners are IcoBox, Law&Trust, Drofa, DADA Agency, Crypto MICE Agency.


For the whitepaper, I should say that it is very well organized, easy to understand, without unnecessary information and easy to read. There is the information you need besides the project partnerships which are on the site. What I like about this whitepaper is that in 27 pages they have tried to include the most important things, with no unnecessary additions, which others contain and which aggravate the reading process. I also want to add that the colors of the site and the whitepaper are similar and well-chosen which adds another plus to the design that should not be underestimated throughout the process.


As I said on the site, the first thing I liked is the well-chosen colors and the innovative design. Maybe I just do not like that in some places it looks a little overwhelmed with images. As a plus, I can add that it has been translated into 7 languages, there are videos and dynamic pictures that attract attention and help in viewing and understanding the information. A very important plus is that there is a section for general questions and ICO details questions and answers that do not have many sites and which greatly facilitate the user and the information in them is well-selected and briefly presented.

ICO metrics

The main goals of the token sale are to receive funds for the further development of the Taklimakan Network and to format a community and attract users of the platform token distribution and the maximum number is limited to TKLN. The release of the tokens will take place from April 9 to June 9, 2018. Distribution will be carried out via smart contract.. Token Standard is Ethereum ERC20, Token Price: 1 TKLN = 0.05 USD, Token Sale Supply: 550.000.000 TKLN, SOFT CAP 5 000 000 USD, HARD CAP 27 500 000 USD. The largest part of the tokens will be realized at the Token Sale stage — 55%. 175.000.000 TKLN tokens will be rewarded to the team, advisers and early buyers. 25.000.000 tokens will be rewarded with a bounty- program participants. The biggest part of the funds collected will be used to develop the platform and to ensure operational activities.

Different types of currencies are accepted like BTC, ETH, BCH, XRP, LTC, NEO, DASH, XMR, NEM, ZEC, as well as many other cryptocurrencies that are listed on the website.

There is also Reward System including bonuses since the start of Token Sale:


Taklimakan have many social channels. In Twitter, they have 25 000 followers and they constantly update new information, LinkedIn - 81 followers, Facebook - 11 004, YouTube - 395 and where you can watch different videos that visualize the idea of the platform. The other accounts are on Instagram, Telegram, Medium, Bitcointalk, Imgur, Weibo, Github, Reddit.


In conclusion, I can say that I like the idea of the platform and that is related to helping people in their crypto-market learning process and the understandable way in which it is made and developed. I have already mentioned the things that have impressed me in the design and in the tools used to facilitate the user. Considering that the site on places is cluttered with information and images it is insignificant in front of the whole work done by the team, and most of all the decisions that which they have taken to present the possibilities of the platform in the clearest and concise way. I can not miss to saying again about the questions and answers section that contains almost all of the information you need in such a useful way. Probably the other very useful thing will be the mobile app that which is expected to be developed in about 3-4 months.

Disclosure: This article is participating in the ICO Bounty Media Campaign for reward. Please be advised that everything written in the article is my personal opinion and it is NOT investment advice. 

TAKLIMAKAN's Site: https://www.taklimakan.io/

TAKLIMAKAN's Whitepaper: https://www.taklimakan.io/taklimakan-whitepaper-eng.pdf

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