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25 Suggestions To Improve Minds.com

TheBluePillChannelApr 14, 2018, 6:16:52 PM

Here is the entire list of suggestions I made in the 7 part series about my experiences with Steemit compared to Minds. I losely categorized the suggestions and in the braces you can find in the specific article in which I made the suggestion. If you follow the link, you will find a detailed explanation of what I meant.

Here they are, in total 25 and below the list, I picked out the one appearing to me the most important/urgend suggestion to follow. Here they are:

General / big and important stuff

- Avoid a poisonous atmosphere among developers (V)

- Opening the database for external developers (VII)

Changes on the front-end

- Comment trees are great. (VI)

- The cool-to-functional ratio of the design is tilted. (VI)

- More group chat. (VII)

- Leave boosted content in the target feeds permanently. (II)

- Getting rid of the title image. (II)

- Markdown as editing tool. (I)

- An auto-save feature for text. (I)

- Add a second option for displaying the feed. (II)

- Enter only for new lines in a text plus a bigger "send" button. (II)

- The main menu doesn't go away on its own. (IV)

- Replacing status updates with the blogging function. (III)

- A hover box for usernames with basic information and options. (III)

- Simplify and merge functions and reduce the number of menues. (III)

- Updating the preview image + title text of articles when they get changed. (II)

Site functionality

- Muting users on a mutual base. (IV)

- Cleaning up the notifications menu. (IV)

- A place where I can look up my comments. (IV)

- More categories and/or self-chosen tags. (I)

- Replace the trending hashtags with a personal selection of tags. (III)

- The automatic transformation of URLs into images. (III)

Reward Pool related

- The trade-off between simple and fair for the reward pool rules. (VI)

- Don't privatize the boosting option. (V)

- The nightmare of Minds as a playground for bots. (V)

My number one pick

- Comments to shared content don't appear below the original. (IV)

The last one is about the comments to content, may that be blogs or status updates. As soon as you "remind" a post, you get a copy of that content into your feed. If somebody sees this reminded post and writes a comment, this comment will appear below the reminded post, but not below the original. That is a big problem, I believe.

If you assume, the average original content gets reminded twice and to every content, reminded or not, two comments are written. That means, you get six comments in total, but these comments are scattered over several posts. In effect this means for the author of the original that might not find out he has an audience, or can react to all replies he gets to his content.

This limits the social networking effect dramatically, as I believe. Users have the subjective impression of less interactions than there actually are.

I'm not sure how to fix this, after all, I guess it plays into the individual share of the reward pool, but the comments of all copies of a post should be displayed at ones in each copy. The current solution is really not good. Without this shared comment function, Minds will always lack behind in terms of density of interactions and connections between users.

Thanks a lot for your attention. Would be great if you could let me know your opinion in the comment section!