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Meg Boardman (aka Cartman1/Nikki) Feb 21, 2019, 10:18:30 AM

'We ARE all connected'. Never before has there been such advancement of technology to give people the ability to connect and collaborate on projects, discuss ideas and make sense of the troubling and also strangely exciting renaissance era I believe we're all living through right now. Saying that we're all connected, sounds a bit hippy and new age, but the fact is that most of us, if not pretty much all of us now have the technology at our fingertips to stay connected 24/7, but it is much more than that. What does it mean to say that we're all connected?

Being connected can mean that we resonate with belief systems that match our own, being connected can mean talking shit online until the early hours of the morning and the endless tagging of each other on silly, comical social media posts. Being connected can mean meditating in the bath for hours,  listening to spiritual music, having sex with the one we love or walking through the park with our dog but does that mean that we also have the ability to open our minds and actively listen to a notion that does not resonate with our own unique set of beliefs?

Perhaps initially we can conceive of an idea, even though we cannot resonate with it. If we cannot process an opinion of somebody else that does not match our own, does that mean we're disconnected from that individual?  Surely if we're all connected we would in some way, shape or form, resonate with everything that appears in our reality?

Comment culture, the explosion of podcasts and so many vloggers and bloggers means that many of us want to speak out about our own unique truths, talk passionately about what we believe in and share our talents with the rest of the world, now more than ever, because we have the platforms to do this whilst remaining in the comfort of our own homes.

When an idea is in its infancy and is something that can be developed, how can we open our minds to a concept that does not feel comfortable or right with our own unique set of perceptions/mindmap, while the idea is in its current state, so that we can build and create something brilliant from it.

Perhaps taking everything on board and trying to make sense of it all is not really necessary, rather we should just accept the opinions of others graciously and move on to something that matches our current vibe, instead of pouring large amounts of time and energy trying to prove the other person wrong, incorrect or flawed in their thinking. 

In my opinion, too much time spent arguing against the views of others may 'in some cases' be a waste of energy.

Although sometimes taking the time to look closely at the notions/opinions/beliefs of others is largely beneficial because when we do this, we learn more as we process information, convert it into knowledge that can be stored in the brain/biocomputer. As a result of this, we can create new neural pathways due to the process of having learnt something new and we become much more expansive in our general day to day thinking as a result.

I think this is a great way to make much better sense of the world at large, although we simply cannot agree on absolutely everything. 

I really feel that memes hold great value in that they're a rapid form of communicating of an idea/belief allowing the creator and subsequently the sharer of the meme is able to present an idea or share a specific message to a large number of 'minds' in a relatively short space of time.

 The great thing about memes is that they allow us to express ourselves artistically and can combine the use of pictures and words for individuals to look upon and choose to empathically relate to and then connect with or not.

With technology at our fingertips to create a combination of pictures/visual images and words is surely a very powerful combination indeed. We are not all cut out to be great public speakers, bloggers or podcasters, but we can all be artists and create/contribute something very special to society. 

Every action we perform and everything we say is important. The things we say and do carry a certain vibration. No one person is more important than another and this is the true meaning of equality.

ART is the creation and we ARE the ARTISTS.

The MIND is the most powerful tool we have to CONNECT, COLLABORATE &