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earstohear15Apr 12, 2018, 3:21:33 PM

It's time to Teach YouTube the User is in control. It's time to teach YouTube without the user there would be no YouTube. But in doing this we have to teach ourselves also. Ourselves as users that also have channels on YouTube. If this is not started soon YouTube will have users under usury and it will cost you like subscribing to Dish, Direct, or Comcast.

When i search something on YouTube i find many results of my search. I start at the top search result and if there is an ad i Down vote that video. I leave a comment telling the channel owner i down voted his video because of ads. Then i go to the next result and the next until i find my search subject without an ad. When i find what i want without an ad then i up vote it.

When you Up Vote the same exact content as you Down Vote, YouTube will see the only difference was the ad. 

When you Down Vote on big Channels like ABC, CBS, & NBC News that has ads for example while Up Voting the same exact content on some very small YouTube Channels with no ads, YouTube's analytics will pick up on this.

YouTube is already bullying the small channels. They are turning Corporate.