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Simple Tips to Be Awesome

Akronos MagoApr 12, 2018, 1:37:48 AM

It really does not take much effort to be awesome but with the day-to-day grind opportunity often slips away. Follow these tips and not only will those you love be happier and thrilled, but you’ll get a reputation of being the most thoughtful and wonderful person on earth. Whether you are socially inept, lack the romance gene or consider yourself perfect… you’ll find a few ideas below that will make you a legend.

Weekly Devotion

Set aside one hour per week to surprise someone you love with an act of kindness. This could be for a lover, parent, sibling or friend. You can rotate who each week and some weeks you may decide to split the time between two people for devotions which don’t take much time. Start by asking yourself what would be the nicest surprise you could provide. It doesn’t have to be expensive. Just something to bring joy, hope and magic to their day. Only use flowers when you cannot come up with something more creative. Some examples: Buy and design them business cards with their name and a super hero title. Take them to a play (not a movie). Plant flowers in their front yard. Have one of their favorite photos printed onto a pillow or printed large and framed. Buy incense and massage oil and give them a massage they will never forget. Write them a poem. Learn to cook a new recipe and make them dinner. Send a faraway friend a postcard.

If each week you spent only one hour devoting your thoughts and actions to showing those you love that you are thinking of them… after a year of this their lives will be happier and you’ll feel wonderful. After a couple weeks of doing this you will notice you really enjoy the challenge of coming up with new ways to shock and surprise someone with an act of kindness they never expected.


Remember – you do not wear cologne for your own benefit. You use cologne for the joy of others. Even if you have allergies and cannot smell it yourself… if someone you care about tells you they like it when you wear cologne then do so! It may not seem logical or practical to you… but if it gives them a little joy then you might as well wear it. Do not think you are doing them or yourself a favor by using it infrequently so it will last longer. A bottle of cologne that lasts for years because you never use it… that is a bad sign!

Note, I am not saying to spray so much cologne that people can smell you from 20 feet away. I’m saying if your lover bought you cologne or recommended you to purchase a particular cologne, then you should wear that cologne at least 2 or 3 times per week.

Photos and Art

Spending time to print out photos and hang them on the wall may seem like time wasted. I know people that have really nice art they picked out sitting in their closet for years. However if you live with a significant other you have to realize it is 90% likely they would like the photos of past good times and nice art on the wall. Especially if they are an artist or photographer! They may be waiting for you to take initiative and hang that art or give them feedback regarding which photos would be best in the hallway. Most people when they see photos of good times in their past a flood of happy memories return and often lead to telling their friends what fun they have had. Every time they have to explain where they were in the photo and what was happening reminds them and strengthens the good memory.

Remembering Gifts you Receive

If you have trouble remembering who gave you what gift, then keep a journal on your computer of gifts you receive from family and close friends. To you the gift may be unimportant but to them it would mean a lot if years later you recall they gave you that gift. Just before the holidays or your birthday do a quick read-through of the journal so you can recall who gave you what before. That way if you see them you can mention it and tell some minor story of how you enjoyed it at some point. Hearing thanks for something given years before is rare and provides a unique joy of being appreciated.

Avoid Procrastination

Time flies and if you are not careful years will slip by. Decide and commit right now to spending one day on the first weekend of every month to doing some home improvement. Things like having printing photos, hanging up art/photos, painting a room in the house, planting a garden in the backyard, putting up bird feeders, etc. Adding closet organizers. The types of projects that take one day but then provide benefits for years. Note, this day should be dedicated to home improvement, not romance. You should dedicate a different day or weekend of every month to doing something romantic.

If you do the above simple rule of dedicating a day per month to home improvement and at least one day per month to romance… you will be in the top 1% of all romantic partners and everyone in your family will enjoy the benefits of the home enhancements. It really is not difficult, all you have to do is commit it to your schedule and when anyone (including your lover) tries to sway you to do something different let them know it is important to you. If your home is perfect then put the day into improving their work environment, or their car. If everything is perfect then dedicate the day to something else that would make their world better. End the day by rubbing their feet while they watch their favorite show on TV/Netflix.


If you are lucky enough to be with someone that loves you then you should make an extra effort to be more romantic, loving and thoughtful. Even if it is not logical or in your nature, buy them flowers even (especially) when it is not a holiday. Try a variety of different little romantic actions and the ones they like best, do frequently. You value their love, friendship and affection. Give them back romance and a sense of wonder at the world. When was the last time you surprised them?

If you don’t have someone romantic in your life right now that’s OK. Do the above actions for friends and family. They will love it, you’ll feel great about the challenge of surprising them, and the reputation you build of being awesome might just attract a romantic partner.

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