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Envisioning Decentralized Local Economies

LivingLightlyApr 12, 2018, 1:22:24 AM

With blockchain and open-source social networking platforms on the rise, we are beginning to see massive shifts in the paradigms of how we interact with each other and the world around us. With the persistence of global crises, millions of people have lost faith in society’s ability to effectively solve world problems. New visions of the future, however, may prove to be brighter than the expectations we developed in a non-sustainable centralized society.

With many banking, political, and religious organizations operating from within a centralized infrastructure, we have in many ways been derailed from living cooperatively. We now find ourselves in a time where it is necessary to reshape our relationship to traditional capital economics. As encryption, cryptocurrencies, and trust-based protocols get increasingly more sophisticated, new economic incentives and voting structures will likely enable a graceful reorganization of how we run our global and local societies.

Decentralized Abundance

As we start to imagine different examples of decentralization, many of the centralized models will shift to be more sustainable. Communications, law, production of energy, and material goods will commensurate higher standards of sustainable living. Communities will have their own decentralized financial systems, and will be incentivized to develop comfortable living standards for all people. When a community is not set up to self-sustain right away, support from other communities will still be possible.

In older job markets, earning abundance can be a competitive process. In a centralized society, our relationships to one another, our environment, and our greater reality have brought us to a point where many people must work long hours to feed themselves and their families. However, decentralized infrastructure will offer a sustainable abundance that will not require competition to be tapped into. It takes reprogramming our idea of how grand the abundance in our lives can be to give ourselves permission to access it. Work as we have known it in many ways will shift to progress on a route that serves humanity’s greatest and most peaceful ambitions. Based on the innovations of today, we can expect to see an organic assertion of: principles of equality, equal distribution of abundance (including job availability), and recognition of humanity’s natural birthrights.

The beauty of decentralization is that it enables local economy and political resolution from a small to big scale. This ensures your vote always counts. In centralized systems not unlike the United States, there is a subconscious acknowledgment that voting must work in this way. Centralized infrastructure, however, is not equipped to handle voting processes with the assurance of security, resulting in what many feel to be a broken process.

Where we are

We are in a time where many new ideas are growing from an infancy. However, it seems very reasonable to assume that it is only a matter of time before a critical mass is reached. People will exponentially realize the issues of the past have solutions in making a new future. As more embark on #TheGreatMigration, envisioning and manifesting a bright future will become a global effort where everyone collectively participates in building the world we want.