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SunMoney - The Alternative of our Generation

mirofameApr 11, 2018, 6:20:16 PM

☑️What is SUNMONEY❓ What describes it and what`s the new that they bring to the table❓

SUNMONEY SOLAR GROUP is company established in 2013 with big investment behind them, which secured their future success. The base of SSG is that their power comes from produced electricity by power plants, which are located in different countries from all over the world.

And from then on the electricity that is produced is sold daily to different utility companies who pays for this service monthly fee to SSG. The new users of the solar electricity can take part in SSG by taking a solar package which makes them members of SUNMONEY, and from then on as members they will be a part of group of shareholders in the next 25 years.

Here`s the thing here, this company represents a variety of packages from which the members can take use and can make them according to their needs and even the members can take community packages which can make their base for building their own community and from then on can make other people part of this new platform.

Bringing this new program SSG makes statement that outstands among many others. To be protective to the surrounding environment, to produce green energy and to make money while everything is flowing, is the main difference. Fulfilling another world need is SSG`s goal – to take electricity to places where others cannot give. The currently lack of infrastructure is main problem in many places but after the birth of SSG and their answer, in many places that problem is solved and even is made contribution to protecting the environment around it.

✅Structure and base elements of the program

✔️ Roadmap of Sunmoney Solar Group

From the birth of the company in 2013, SSG went through a lot. In Q4 2013 even they planted the first solar plant and from that moment everything went in the right direction. In the period of 2014-16 is developed the system according to which is operating the program. In the end of 2016 is ready the pilot project and in 2016 Q4 is set a soft launch. In March 2017 is launched the full scale. In future SSG is planning to launch an investment platform for more than 100k+ investors and 3rd party solar farms in 2018 Q4. In 2018-19 are planned new ICO Solar plants installations and blockchain integration.

✔️ Team and advisors of the project

Sunmoney is founded by Gabor Eisenbart who have behind his back successful companies. His first step is in the age of 14 and after that only experience and achieved goals continued. With the help of Dr. Levente Toth, the company Sunmoney Solar Group came to reality. Without the help of the rest of the crew, the platform of Sunmoney wouldn`t be possible.

Of course every company and team need advisors, and SSG have great group for every needed area - energy sector and ico – blockchain. Experts like Peter Toth, Ivan Nadein, Dr, Kanth Miriyala and many others, are bringing years and years of experience and answers to every future risk.

✔️ Whitepaper and website review

The whitepaper of SSG is representing with many details the advantages and the given efforts to make things happen, and to go on without any obstacles.

The website of Sunmoney is easy to work with. The menus are very well written with following information. The design of the whole website is carefully chosen to be directly connecting with the eyes of every visitor and future member.

✔️ ICO

The planned hard cap for the ICO – sale is 10 000 000 SSG tokens, but 7 200 000 will be offered in the event. The tokens will transfer their value in SSG`s activity on the energy market where they want to implicate.

There`s a special program created by SSG for the owners of tokens. This program is specifically pointing to the method buy-back. The company is using 20% of its yearly profits or the other opportunity 3% of its yearly turnover.

⚠️The final word of the review

Sunmoney is international platform which wouldn`t be effective and successful without the help of the advisors and team involved here.

The power plants who are located in different geographic locations all over the world with different weather conditions is what makes the output of the solar parks above the average.

The thing that outstands here is the special strategy of this program and the meaning to the surrounding environment. The program is among the most effective protection ones of the world which brings real change to community areas where there is a lack of energy distribution. This is helpful to increase the electricity consumption in places where the infrastructure couldn`t. And after all that is still protecting the environment and even making money while everything is going on. 

⚠️Disclaimer & Disclosure: None of what I provide in my articles is investment advice. Please do your own due diligence. A link to the article will be sent to the ICO team and they may issue a reward for it.

SunMoney's Official Website: https://sunmoney.solar

SunMoney's Whitepaper: https://sunmoney.solar/SunMoney_SMT_WhitePaper_v1_1.pdf

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