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SunMoney Token - Solar Power Transformed Into Electricity

RoonyBlackApr 11, 2018, 4:43:34 PM

The Company and its Idea

We live in a world where everything around us is powered by electricity. The production of electricity is a long-ago issue that concerns humanity. The more we rely on electricity-driven devices and vehicles, the more energy should be produced in order to cover our needs. However, some of the production methods such as nuclear power or using coil and oil turned out to have disastrous negative long-term effects to the environment. Our mission is to create an eco-solution that can satisfy people’s electricity needs.

Our vision of life should be directed to inexhaustible or renewable sources of energy and sunlight is such a source. Solar energy has vast application in many fields of science and production. SunMoney Solar Group (SSG) is a company established in 2013 with a 2 million euro investment and since then it successfully produces electrical energy from its solar power plants. It is important to be mentioned that this customer-oriented organization not only has a revolutionary idea, but also it has already proved that it is an applicable, working and environmentally friendly solution.

Currently SunMoney Solar Group operates options of solar power plants with a capacity of 20 MW. The company’s goal is to reach an active capacity of 30 MW in Hungary and Germany. That is why it needs more funds for the realization of this ambitious extension of its activity. The electricity produced is sold to the public utility companies or to end-users. There is a great variety of possibilities for the users as different solar packages could be sold to the members based on the consumption and on the purchased amount of watts. Members also have freedom to establish their own communities and to resell their electricity share during the period of 25 years.

ICO, Roadmap and Team

The roadmap is the path a company has chosen to follow. However, in today’s competitive world companies should create their own unique paths in order to be successful. SunMoney’s path of development is an example that when you have a clear vision for the realization of your idea, nothing can stop you to do it.

From the very beginning in 2013 the first Company of the SunMoney Group was established along with the first operational solar power plant. The period between 2014 and 2016 was dedicated for a system development. In 2016 the second and third company establishment was completed. The pilot project started in the end of 2016. In 2017 new solar power plants were installed. Three key events are planned to happen in near future: Financial Institute establishment and the launch of Investment Platform in 2018, ICO Solar power plants installations and Blockchain integration and IPO in 2019.

It is no secret that the most valuable asset a company can have is the human resources. HR services have been widely acclaimed by the successful companies recently and the reason for this change is the difference in the understanding of the management of the company. One of the hardest challenges is to establish a team of experts that share common ideas and can cooperate with one another. SunMoney Solar Group consists of 13 irreplaceable individuals with theoretical knowledge and analytical skills from different fields. Their strong desire for success leads the company to higher peaks every day.

The founder and owner of the organization is Gábor Eisenbart. This remarkable person has been creating successful projects for more than twenty years. His background in an international logistics enterprise along with his 5-year experience in the energy sector guarantee the stable development of SunMoney. He has to little children and fatherhood influenced his attitude towards the protection of the planet.

The advisory team consist of 9 experts in both energy sector and ICO/Blockchain. Half of the advisors are responsible for energy related issues while the other half – Blockchain issues. They are involved in every aspect of SunMoney and they have a key role to monitor and to advise the core team for better solutions and missed opportunities.

The official website has a modern and attractive look. The colour scheme represents the sunset which is in unison with the whole idea. The main buttons are positioned on the upper side as usual. The whitepaper is a 25-page-document that gives additional information of every aspect of the company. What I consider important is that this whitepaper is available in 9 languages and thus people from all over the world are welcomed to learn the concept in details.

The Pre-Sale and the Sale campaigns are extremely important as they serve for the fund raising.

Pre-ICO Start Date: February 1st, 2018

ICO Start Date: March 15th, 2018

Token Symbol: SMT

Token Pool Supply: 10 000 000

Token Price: 150 SMT/ETH

Accepted Contributions: BTC & ETH

Token Protocol: ETC, ERC20

Base Bonus by Date:

03.14 - 03.15 : bonus 30% min 0.01 ETH

03.15 - 03.25 : bonus 25% min 0.01 ETH

03.25 - 04.01 : bonus 15% min 0.01 ETH

04.01 - 04.05 : bonus 10% min 0.01 ETH

04.05 - 04.15 : bonus 0% min 0.01 ETH

SunMoney also offers special ICO perks, available on the official website.

SunMoney has built up a strong community on the social media. The company uses all the social channels in the most effective way possible as it not only publishes news regarding the ICO but also it uses as a contact form. Thus, people become more informed and more engaged with the idea. Sunmomey uses a few of the famous social media platforms such as:

• Facebook – 27 456 followers;

• Bitcoin Forum – 5 pages;

• LinkedIn – 62 followers;

• YouTube – more than 43 970 total views.

Since its foundation in 2013, the company had a lot of time to establish strong partnerships with many companies. On the following picture you can see the partners of SunMoney:

What I Like Most About SunMoney

I know something for sure – this company has already made a difference in the energy sector. I like the fact that SunMoney realized its project, showed to the world that this is something real and applicable in everyday lives. On this particular moment from its path of development, the company chose to start this method of fund raising. I think that people who have used the electricity production services should show their content and gratitude and help on this stage. Sooner or later SunMoney will expand its solar power plants to the capacity of 30 MW, because there is no higher peak in terms of a career than public service.

Disclosure: This article is participating in the ICO Bounty Media Campaign for reward. Please be advised that everything written in the article is my personal opinion and it is NOT investment advice. 

SunMoney’s Official Website: https://sunmoney.solar/

SunMoney’s Whitepaper: https://sunmoney.solar/SunMoney_SMT_WhitePaper_v1_1.pdf 

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