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Celebrating 8 Months on Minds, and over 1 Million Views!

MsCYPRAHApr 10, 2018, 4:10:50 PM

It seems I have now joined Millionaires Row, whey hey! :o)

It is almost surreal to believe that I have only been on Minds 8 months, since August 2017, and in that time I have gained 1004 subscribers and 1,054,603 views! 

I feel very proud of that achievement, because it shows that even in an environment that seems to favour gamers, artists, videos and pictures above writers, one can still carve their own niche, with one's own topic, and attract an appreciative audience who value that output.

I love my informative, entertaining and quirky posts, and that enjoyment has obviously spread to my numerous subscribers (over 100 each month) who visit daily, vote them up, comment on them, and remind them to others.

I could not have done this without you, so I sincerely THANK YOU all for your company, kindness, and generosity which made it all possible.

Thanks too to @ottman @john @mark and @jack, and the other admins, for providing such a superior platform on which to express our ideas, dreams and ourselves. I might challenge some aspects of it, but I really do appreciate your hard work and unmistakeable dedication. 

Long may Minds continue! Now on to the next million. :o)