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Soon-To-Be-Popular Opinion: Incentivized Exit Migration

TheGarbageManApr 9, 2018, 7:36:14 PM

Why do most people come to America? 

Is it because we have the greatest hot dogs and our streets don’t smell like piss and shit? 

Well, most of them anyways?

California has the largest piss & shit to person per capita of anywhere in the United States.

Is it because they want to work really hard and rebuild a life with a strong base of American values, such as freedom, speech, and an equal chance for every man?

Or is it because they hear there’s lots of free shit?

So why the fuck don’t we start setting up shops and shit over in these other fucking stupid countries? 

We got enough resources for it. For now. Fuck the debt anyways, we can just force these new villages in.

Tell all these freeloading assholes that if they don’t want to contribute, and if they don’t want play by our fucking rules, that they can live in these US PODS and in their own fucking country of choice, *terms and exclusions apply.

7/11 needs to do some expanding first.

And this isn’t so impossible. 

I Mean, we live in a timeline where we have candidates and politicians advocating for gun DEregulation. Truly wondrous times.

I’ve been trying to figure out how best to implement this sort of policy into action. It’s a matter of reversing public opinion on matters of energy, resources, and populations. 

We have to figure out a way to make moving out of America and other self-selected countries appealing to various demographics.

And how do we make this idea appealing? 

By making highlighting the best of every culture and breed. Go with the whole “we wuz Kangs” stuff. Encourage it. Let them know you think it’s cool for them too. 

Encourage all forms of nationalism.

Keep drawing the comparison to Israel. I mean if the Jews are so tricky and crafty, then their policies should be applicable to all nations and peoples, right?

Think about how much one of those cheap-ass tankers from China would cost and then just keep the fucker loaded up, add some people to take along, and head the fuck to whatever fucking country they want to go live at, their entire life taken care of for them. 


People have become just another commodity, right? Well let’s trade. We got resources, we have the strength of our military and economy to carry this out and come out stronger than the world could ever imagine.

While the seams of liberty and guns keep the American idealism intact, other countries have other ways of looking at personal responsibility and freedom. And there seems to be a lot of Americans that have that anti-weapon stance. I say we are compassionate. I say we offer them the chance to move a country that holds their same belief on ANY anti-constitutional belief. 

We will take care of them. 

We’re not all monster. 

Not yet.

We are all monsters. Just how much we let people see is the difference.

What’s the logistics on this shit? 

We’ll let’s see.

According to the US Census Bureau, "the median household income in the United States is $56,516".

The median annual household income worldwide is $9,733, according to Gallop.

So right there we got a good start.

 Let’s look over to prison and welfare costs in America, shall we?

The annual average taxpayer cost in these states was $31,286 per inmate

Even welfare could be lowered by this. 

The average on medicaid, food stamps and welfare was around $17K

Yes it is Politifact article, so fuck all, right?

So taking into just those two costs, it looks like we can set ourselves on the road of economic recovery. 

Just by outsourcing those two tax burden we could start seeing savings of $8K to $24K per recipient.

And just look at the world! Isn’t it beautiful? Who wouldn’t want to go to their country of choice and have their lavish lifestyle paid for? *Term and exclusions will still apply.

Sure, the prison industrial complex and un-elected bureaucracy will take a hit, but maybe we can use those resources to address the mental health problem in America. 

Turn prison guards into orderlies, desk jockeys into patients. 

Win-win for everyone.

Well, maybe not everyone.

I understand the need to act now. 

I understand that things are getting worse. 

But if we move towards an option that we can agree will have a mutual benefit to all groups without crossing over any lines, I believe it’s something we can all get behind.

Or maybe it’s too ridiculous. 

Maybe we should just bust in doors and forcefully remove people. And it may yet get to that point. But I believe there is still some civility in us. I believe that we are smart and resourceful enough to figure out a solution without it having to be final. 


What do you think? I am totally fucking off as usual, or do think that incentivized exit migration might actually be a good policy? Let me know in the comments!