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Introduction to Token-Based Economics and Voting

LivingLightlyApr 8, 2018, 7:35:02 PM

With the rise in popularity of uncensored social media platforms, many newcomers are surprised to suddenly be exposed to radical viewpoints and undesirable content. There are plenty of posts that have the ability to yield strong emotional reactions. Because of this, I think it is worth acknowledging how we can collectively and democratically filter certain content without stepping into the realm of censorship or the suppression of free speech.

In certain open-source social media platforms, there are token based reward systems. These systems are designed to reward people on how much interaction their content and activity receive. The beauty of this system is that we are able to choose what we want to support simply by interacting with it.

Dealing with Negativity

Newcomers who have recently migrated from platforms like Facebook and Twitter may still be recovering from their polarizing effects. Big tech companies often inject propaganda (specifically designed to stir up people’s emotions) into mainstream newsfeeds. It can then start spreading like wildfire.

Because big tech censors a lot of content, individuals who engage in hateful narratives and fear based speech have been among the first to start migrating to free and open platforms. Despite their presence it is obvious that these people are a minority, and do not represent the masses.

It is understandable that you might have an urge to give certain undesirable content a piece of your mind, or at the very least, a thumbs down. However, you should be aware that all interaction with content, positive or negative, promotes the channel it came from.

Rules of Engagement

The way you choose to interact with people on a token-based platform is completely up to you. However, I have come up with a few tips to help you get the most out of your free, open-source social media experience:

1. Relax - You’re not in Twitter anymore. There is so much great content worthy of your attention that you need not worry about the other stuff. Rest-assured, the best way to discourage negativity is to simply ignore/block it.

2. Remember, attention goes where energy flows... It’s a catchy saying and a powerful way to determine if a post is worth your time.

3. Use your own content to speak your mind - Play by this rule, and YOU will be the one cashing in on interactions.

4. Reserve your down-votes for honest discourse - From my experience, most people are not inherently evil; usually they just see things differently. Don’t waste your time with internet trolls. However, if you think you have a good chance to engage in a thoughtful discussion with someone, they may be worth investing in.

5. Get your friends to join the #TheGreatMigration - As we continue to migrate to open-source social networks, “the will of the people” becomes more strongly represented by them.

Moving Forward

It is true that some social/political groups, just like some religions, are more inclined toward violent behavior than others. Yet, despite differences in how people experience the world, the truth of the matter is that we are all human.

As more people embark on #TheGreatMigration to free and open platforms we will see an exponential increase in the presence of high consciousness. As the art of token economics becomes perfected, we will likely start seeing a platform where social issues can be addressed by the people instead of just those involved in government.

The token-based social media system is benevolent by nature; it enables us to spend more time focusing on what matters, and less time with content that brings us down. By recognizing the rules of this system, restraint is rewarded over reaction, and the will of the people becomes clearer and clearer.