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First 10 Days on Minds.com: The Best Dollar I Ever Spent

Sarah EaglesfieldApr 6, 2018, 1:22:30 AM

I arrived on Minds.com the day they started using Minds Tokens. As someone who never knew the points sytem, that worked out well for me. I wrote my first blog, spent a dollar for a token, and used it to boost the content.

My rewards the next day allowed me to boost some more, and it snowballed from there. Here I am, 10 days later, 150 subscribers, and 120K views. (and, yes, you are capable of doing the daily average math in your head).

It's an excellent result for Minds. I'm verified on Twitter, and probably have around 10K real followers of the 13K that are shown. My average tweet gets around 4K views, and minimal interaction. Take away being, even if you're at the top of your Twitter game, you're going to get more love on the Minds platform. As a content producer, that rocks.

Yesterday, I token-walled a couple of my more detailed "personal research" articles as an experiment, to see how people would react (and also to try and bring people on to the platform). One was a deep dive on David Hogg's Reddit profile; the positive and the negative. The other was a re-examination of the Snowden documents, along with the Lulzsec update in December last year, looking at how NSA and GCHQ also used sockpuppets to influence events in foreign countries.

These are articles that took me a couple of hours to research and write, and won't be published on any other platform other than Minds for a few months. I expected to maybe get some bad feedback, but no, I now have a number of monthly token contributors, too! I really can't thank you enough.

I think the beauty of Minds is, the more you interact with creators' material, the more daily tokens you get, and the more you can support their work. It also allowed me to send some tokens to other channels I enjoy. Although the token has no instrinsic monetary value, it's a good motivator to know that people are finding the stuff I'm producing interesting enough to want to see more. 

As a side note, I saw some people commenting about the 'big transactions' of Minds Tokens that went out on the first day. In my case, I found a couple of bugs. Others, I believe, got rewarded for prior development work. I explored the blockchain, and couldn't see anything strange going on, anyway. It's worthwhile remembering there's a lot of stuff that happens behind the scenes, and even quieter users may be involved with that.

Minds is my new favourite Social Network. Hopefully it can avoid the fate of my last "new favourite Social Network", G+, and go the whole way.

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