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Robotina : Join The Electric Revolution - 1000 Words Review Part 1

XKadzuvicApr 5, 2018, 10:30:10 AM


     The crowdfunding idea for Robotina projects is a potentially lucrative one, but only if you’ve found that project that would stand the test of time. It is important that anytime an ICO comes up, adequate study is done so as to understand the objectives of the project as well as to help the prospective investor decide (based on the achievement already evident or the prospects as listed in the white paper), whether to buy into the ICO or not.
     When it comes to ICOs, the avid investor must know the things to look out for before making the investments. From an observation, it wouldn’t be wrong to say that not all ICOs are worth investing in, as some of them would eventually amount to no gain, both in terms of transaction usability, and value storage. Hence the need for a critical review on the different aspects and elements of an ICO.

Below is a review of the Robotina company and its ICO. The purpose is to determine what relevance the company tokens on a blockchain would have both in function as a convenience -providing entity, as well as a store of value.


It could interest you to know, that Robotina as a platform is not operating as an entirely virtual service provider. The company is in fact a physical existing company with operating base in Slovenia. It has been in the energy business, acting as energy consultants for over 25 years, while it has decided to adopt energy providing service once its blockchain comes live. Thus, the company is one that has been around for some pretty good while, even before the adoption of cryptocurrency and blockchain technology. This could add to the company’s overall rating, and acceptance over time on the digital currency arena.

Considering the relevance of its services to everyday activities, we could say that this type of services are quite germane, and cannot be ignored in a world where energy is needed to drive many of the things that affects our lives.

The Robotina company seem to have been able to largely create significant service structure that rates reasonably well when graded among its contemporaries. And if track record is anything to go by, then this could make it gain some acceptance within a non extended period of time.

An important factor that could positively (or not) affect its ICO success and rate of token adoption, is how much relevance it would have in terms of usability for the token buyers. A hint for this could come from how much influence the company already has and still intends to have in the 25 countries where its project have been established.

The framework for the migration of the Robotina platform into a blockchain would be a comparatively different system of operation which utilizes a synergism of the internet of things (IoT), artificial intelligence (AI) and the blockchain. One if the ingenious tools that would be linked to the company’s blockchain is HEMS IoT device which records power usage for the customer and subsequently sends the information unto the blockchain using AI. The essence of this is to monitor energy usage, and as a way of optimizing same by a consumer. Consequently, the company uses this information for consumer consultancy purposes. 

The company has listed its timeline schedules on the website with much of the development plans to occur in the two years after 2018. Some of these development plans include a migration to the IBM Watson interface, development of the compact multi OS generation 3 HEMS device, adoption of wireless modules, amongst others.

Taking all of these characteristics to bear, we would deduce the following from the activities of the company :

• Robotina is not a start-up company; thus fundraising at the ICO would be for developmental and expansion purposes, and not as an initial project capital.

• The company has gained business grounds over the years it has operated, hence it is only going to build on how much popularity it already has. This could substantially facilitate the token sales and use.

• Although the company has got impressive development goals, these goals can still be largely considered as been speculative, since the plans for their actualization is relatively a long time to come. It is somewhat believed that the closer the timeframe for actualization, the less likely it is, for a disruption by unforeseen circumstances.

ROX : Robotina ICO

The Robotina blockchain is built using the ethereum solidity language, and thus would make use of an ERC-20 token. It would have the Robotina utility token (ROX) to fuel all the transactions between users and the network.

The grand total amount of mined tokens is placed at 815 million ROX, with a substantial 70% (570,000000) of this to be sold out during the crowdfunding. All of the distributed tokens would be locked until the end of the ICO, after which they would be released to appropriate Ethereum wallets.

The ROX token sales is expected to roll in three phases (including a pre-ICO distribution). All token sales are expected to stop after the hard cap of $28.5 million is reached (or alternatively by April 30th 2018) according to the smart contract.

There is a bonus package according to phase categories; participants who indicated support for the project at the early stages are entitled to a 10% bonus of their purchase during the ICO events, while 5% bonus would go to investors who participate at the unlimited priority phase. All token sales would occur during these periods as there would be no subsequent release (or creation) of tokens.

The company has indicated the sharing formula for the distribution of gathered funds on its white paper, with 27% stipulated to be used for platform development, and another 23% to be utilized for brand sales and marketing. Some of the total realized funds would also be used for hardware development, legal expense, strategy development etc.

From the website of Robotina, Their project development team consists of a good number of persons who have been involved in past blockchain projects as well as seasoned advisory members. Sorry, I Can't provide the team detail here, It's more efficient if you check it on their website. They provide good website design and really responsive.

Notes : I will include the conclusion and in-depth review about Robotina in the next post, Insyaallah. Stay tuned!

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