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Post-Modernist Relativism, Moral Decay and Decadence: Why The West Is On The Road To Collapse

MMOTalkApr 4, 2018, 8:47:33 AM


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Roman Orgy

From en.oxforddictionaries.com:



mass noun

1. Moral or cultural decline as characterized by excessive indulgence in pleasure or luxury.

‘he denounced Western decadence’

1.1 Luxurious self-indulgence.

‘cream cakes on a Wednesday—pure decadence’


Mid 16th century: from French décadence, from medieval Latin decadentia; related to decay.

To Start

I am not an historian or antropologist, so this is from a layman's point of view obviously, but I will insert links to sources.

If you are over 30 and are from or live in the West, you probably have noticed significant cultural changes over the past decades. Gay marriage is widely accepted, and currently there is a mania for transgender 'rights' and acceptance. Gender / sexuality is no longer the binary male/female, but fluid and on a spectrum.

Of course who can forget Caitlyn aka. Bruce Jenner? So 'brave' to transition. Although she "didn't do much for women drivers", to quote Ricky Gervais.

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The Canadian Federal Government now legally recongnises transgenders as a distinct legal group, and as reported by the CBC, Canadians will be able to mark their gender as simply 'X' on their passports. CBC News

Now even babies are being born in Canada without having a sex 'assigned' at birth. Neutral Baby Let's just hope its parents are saving up for those therapy sessions their child will probably need later.

Androgyny is not only accepted, it is 'celebrated' and sometimes encouraged.

And along with all this blurring of sex and gender we have a metastasized form of feminism know as radical feminism or Third Wave Feminism You can read about it via the link. To sum up it's essential features though, it features a distinct hatred for masculinity, especially white men, and a focus on intersectionality.

White Men Are Evil

Radical feminists hate white men because they represent the 'patriarchy', a mythical beast in feminist lore. And they love intersectionality, because its not always easy to find 'victims' of white Western patriarchy, and intersectionality allows for a hierarchy of victimhood as well as an expansion of who can be a victim.

In radical feminist's irrational ideology, white masculinity is the ultimate villain. Anyone else is, by definition, a victim of white men.

So in modern Western society we can see attacks on traditional Western values on many sex/gender fronts. Not only is the very idea of male-female sexual identity being attacked, but the idea of the masculine and the strong male is being attcked and denigrated as 'toxic masculinity.

Speaking of transgenderism, according to the American Psychiatric Association, presented in Wikipedia, -

"It is estimated that about 0.005% to 0.014% of people assigned male at birth and 0.002% to 0.003% of people assigned female at birth would be diagnosed with gender dysphoria, based on 2013 diagnostic criteria, though this is considered a modest underestimate."Source

Clinical Gender Dysphoria, also called Gender Identity Disorder, is the experience of being born with one set of sex organs while internally experiencing being of the opposite or other sex. This is a clinical category recognised medically.

However, as you can see, the numbers of such people are small. On average, in the USA, there would be around 400,00 females and about 1.6 million males. So in total about 2 million Americans. Based on a population estimate of 320 million people, that is about 0.625% of people, a tiny fraction.

So if the number of people with clinical gender dysphoria is so small, why has it become such a big cultural issue? Why are Canadians forced by Bill C-16 to use ridiculous made-up gender prenouns to address genders that simply don't exist? I'm sorry, but the is no such thing as an 'otherkin', except in the dellusional mind of someone in need of growing up or in need of psychological care.

Camille Paglia touches on the issue in the video below -

Besides the relatively few true clinical cases of gender dysphoria, others who today claim another gender are larping for attention and trying to be special. Or they are the 'useful idiots' weaponised bu neo-Marxist post-Modernism to attack society's foundations.

Neo-Marxism, Post-Modernism, Radical Feminism - Three Poisonous Ideologies

The Why is because of neo-Marxism, post-Modernism and Radical Feminism. All three of these ideologies are related, and all have the ultimate goal of collapsing Western Culture (based on the dreaded Patriarchy).

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These three ideologies see the world through the lens of oppressor and opressed. The only way to destroy the oppressor and free the oppressed is to destroy the system itself.

What better way to destroy the West than to attack its foundations? Identity itself. If you can confuse and muddle people so much that they don't even know who they are let alone what sex or gender there are, then they will be in no position to defend the values of their own culture. In fact, quite the contrary, such people will happily attack their own culture, as we see today so often.

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It's not just identity that these three ideologies attack. It is also the West's institutions. In recent decades the Church, the Family and even the Scientific Method itseld have come under attack and been undermined. All of this is no accident. It is by design.

So we now have a Western Culture increasingly not only unable to defend Western values, but unwilling to do so. This is post-Modernist cultural relativism at work. All cultures have equal value. Western culture is no better than any other culture, no matter how primitive or barbaric that other culture is.

 Therefore, we cannot stand up for Western culture, as it has no intrinsic value worth defending.

The West Now

This is what is happening now in the West. It is fair to say that these forces are bringing the West to a state of decadence. anything goes, no value is superior to any other, all behaviors are equally valid. Decadence always precedes collapse. The West is being deliberately collapsed from the inside out.

Simultaneous to this inward rot, the West is being flooded with migrants from the Middle East and Africa, most of whom are unskilled and uneducated, many of whom hold cultural values diametrically opposed to Western values. Islam is simply not comaptible with Western values. If you have ever read the Quran or studied Islam this would be blindingly obvious.

Islam has been attacking the West since the AD 700's. It was only through the Enlightenment and embracing the Scientific Method that the West was finally able to push back the Muslim armies once and for all. Now, the very values that saved the West are under internal ideological attack, while at the same time millions of Muslim migrants are entering the West, especially Europe.

This will not end well, this cannot end well. A culture that no longer believes in itself cannot withstand the influx of radically different people and survive. History has shown this time and time again. Historian Niall Ferguson has his own take on this Here

Lessons From Ancient Rome

Most serious historians who have studied Rome agree that Rome collapsed through internal decadence, not invasion. The decadence on the inside allowed the invasions from without. Various takes on the collapse of Rome can be read Here

In ancient Rome homosexuality and transgenderism became 'celebrated' ways of being. Androgyny was in vogue. More and more men became effeminate. This was accompanied by increasing corruption in the government and bureaucracy. Those who could stole as much as they could.

 Rome became the fabled 'bread and circuses' society. Gladiators and performers were celebrated, thinkers became ignored. 

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Does all this ring any bells? Today in the USA we have a congress owned by corporations and lobbyists. The wealth gap between the top and the workers is astronomical. Large parts of the infrastructure are in a state of decay. There is a winner-take-all ethos. Sex / gender deviance is not only accepted it is often encouraged. And illegal migrants are constantly flowing in.

There is, in fact, a bread and circuses culture in the West. The bread is the ever-growing welfare state. The circuses are the games played by over-paid athletes, and our obsession with 'celebrities'. 

When a professional athlete can make more in one month, and an actor can make more with one film, than the average person will make in a lifetime, then you know a culture has lost it's way and it's founding values.

So the present state of affairs is this, in my opinion: Western culture is under internal attack; a significant number of people have lost faith in Western values; immigration from fundamentally opposing cultures is further weakening Western culture. We are evolving towards a bread and cicuses society, where corruption abounds.

Is There A Solution?

What are the essential characteristics and values of Western Civilization?

In my own, non-expert opinion they are:

Spiritually, inheritance from the Judeo-Christian traditions; philosophically, inheritance from Greco-Roman thought; the adoption of Enlightenment values like reason, rationality, Natural Science; the Scientific Method; the concept of individual rights emanating from the Divine, not the state, thus the sovereignty of the individual; separation of Church and State; freedom of speech and expression.

All of these foundational inheritances and values are under attack today. If we want to preserve our culture we must defend these values. We must stop accepting the insane irrationality emanating from the various factions of the left. Men and masculinity must be valued. And PC culture, which is just a name for anti-free speech, must be fought and pushed back.

Free speech is the fundamental freedom, it must be defended.

**This is a long and rambling post, I hope at least some of it made sense.