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Most people don't realize this. The world runs on one thing: Trust (or lack thereof).

LomaxDec 30, 2018, 7:56:15 PM

... or rather, they never thought about it, but they realize they know it when they hear or read it.

Every single choice you make involves Trust to some degree.

Every single conversation, interaction, transaction.... all of it.

Trust is the most valuable thing on this planet, bar none.

What companies crush their competition?

What public figures gain the biggest audience?

What relationships are the most fulfilling to you?

All the ones which have the most Trust.

What happens to these things when that Trust is lost?

How can even the mighty force of Love possibly exist without a foundation of Trust?

Why do you imagine that Betrayal is simultaneously so incredibly easy to commit, and yet so utterly devastating to its target? 

Because Betrayal leverages the power and value of Trust, and weaponizes it.

Trust is extremely difficult to build... and unthinkably easy to destroy... it is fragile. Hence its incredible value.

When high amounts of Trust are involved, Humans cooperate, they achieve the incredible and even the impossible.

When there is no trust, they fear, fight, hate, hurt and kill one another.

If you accept that Trust is the most valuable thing... you should never give yours freely, and nobody worthy of your trust and time will do so either.

#Truth #Trust #Honesty

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