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Shivom – The Future of Healthcare is now, With a lot of Technology Behind❗️

mirofameApr 2, 2018, 5:23:39 PM

How do you feel about your healthcare system? If you are in a developed country, maybe not that bad. But the story is very different in the developing countries. Shivom is having interesting and very massive idea to improve the healthcare worldwide. That idea is based on very complex technologies and a lot of science and knowledge in many different spheres.

✅What are the Basics❓

Every living creature on our planet is having special genetics code. Humans are also having that code – our DNA. DNA is unique for every individual, and in it is ‘written’ information about it, imagine it like a database for body specifications. There is one breakthrough – in this DNA can be found information about genetic diseases, problems with different substances and others, helping to diagnose and cure rare diseases and other health problems, before to even be noticed. Based on genes can be made drugs to help to specific individual’s needs.

☑️Benefits of the Shivom’s Platform

Shivom’s platform is having a lot of healthcare benefits once the genomic datahub is working, but these benefits are going to be just the same with any other existing genomic database with the same scale. So what is making Shivom’s decentralized, blockchain based genomic database better? Traditional nowadays existing genomic databases struggles of security and privacy issues, from selling of users genetic information to hacker attacks. Let’s see what is better in Shivom:


Because of the cryptographic basis of blockchain the data stored in it cannot be revised or tampered with. That ensures nobody who you don’t allow is having access to your genomic or health information.


There is no need for costly middleman now. The system can be trusted and it costs much less to operate.


One of the main properties of the blockchain is anonymity. That means there no real identities in the blockchain – everything is private. Privacy is something very important nowadays and it is good that Shivom is thinking about it.


The platform is operating perfectly over borders, thanks to internet connectivity of the blockchain. Access to the platform requires just a computer and internet access, which makes it easy to use everywhere in the world regardless of user’s wealth.

✔️Permanent ledger

Every individual is having structured, time stamped data for his genomic and health conditions.


Blockchain is not having a central server, all the information is distributed. That means there is no command computer to be a hacker’s target. That is helping a lot with the security of the platform, because basically means that there is no weak point.

✔️Smart contracts

They are real time transactions that occur automatically via pre-defined agreements.

✔️Digitalized Assets

Assets are digital, so they are securely available globally, to be used within the platform.


Shivom are having a pretty big community in the social networks and media. Let’s start with some numbers: Shivom are having around 2,500 followers in Facebook, 46 thousand in Twitter and 70 thousand in Telegram. They can also be found in Steemit, Instagram, Medium, LinkedIn and YouTube. Also different opinions about the project can be found in several forums. A basic Google search for them is founding firstly their official pages on different social media and then some reviews and articles by different media sources. In their social media they are posting interesting articles about themselves, blockchain technology and genetics, but definitely not an advertisement spam. Overall they have created a great community.


Shivom’s team is built from a lot of brilliant specialists with multinational origins. The founders are Dr. Axel Schumacher - CEO, Gourish Singla – COO, Sally Eaves – CMO, Per Lind – CSO and Akash Gaurav – CTO. They all are very good and experienced specialists in their areas. A lot of the team members are coming from scientific circles - with a lot of experience and knowledge, IT communities – able to create the state of art platform that is Shivom, or from business and marketing spheres – to help making the best possible resource distribution and create revenue. Big part is having the Shivom Innovational Consul. Overall Shivom’s team is looking amazing and can create that amazing platform for everyone’s good.


To fund such a big and ambitious project are needed serious investments. Shivom is having big, powerful and stable investors to do it. Some of them are looking mainly to a technological investments, digital investments or just investors across all asset classes. Some of the names of the companies that are investing in Shivom are: CollinStar, Lateral Capital Ventures, Ironside Capital, Discovery Capital, CroudfundUP, CryptoLotus, Hoperidge Capital, Morgans, DigitalX and others.

☑️Whitepaper Review

Shivom’s whitepaper is perfectly written, ten out of ten! Every topic is very professionally explained and written. The whitepaper is having 10 general themes collected in 55 pages. The most important themes are “3. Offerings and Solutions”, “4. Platform protocols and architecture”, “5. Business model”, “7. OmniX: The Global Genomics Token” and “9. Global Leadership”. They are explaining the basics of the platform very professionally and technically. 

Overall the roadmap is great, everything is on its place and well explained to state that there is no place for questions. The explanation of the architecture is impressive. To help explain the topics better there are useful illustrations and graphs. They are with good quality, giving great idea, facilitating understanding and even are themed well. This is one very well and quality written whitepaper. Amazing job guys!


The ICO is running from 16 April to 16 May. Soft Cap is 15 000 ETH and Hardcap is 75 000 ETH. 

For a project with such a big potential, these metrics may end up being very conservative.

⚠️What I Like in Shivom❓

What not to like in Shivom? It is amazing platform, aiming to help to the whole humanity! It uses amazing technologies in innovative ways to help research one of the most complicated parts of our bodies – our genome.

All of that is making Shivom amazing! They are having beautiful website, grabbing you from first look and making you curious to learn more. That you can do in their Whitepaper, which is giving all the information leaving no place for questions. But maybe the best part of Shivom is the idea itself, because it is improving the healthcare globally, with that improving millions even billions of lives. There are not a lot of projects doing the same. That is why I want to wish a great success to Shivom! Keep the great work guys and make it happen for the good of the whole humanity!

⚠️Disclaimer & Disclosure: None of what I provide in my articles is investment advice. Please do your own due diligence. A link to the article will be sent to the ICO team and they may issue a reward for it.

Shivom’s Website: https://shivom.io/

Shivom’s Whitepaper: https://shivom.io/files/Whitepaper.pdf 

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