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The Ferrarinator gives a deep Analysation of the Genesis Essentia Concepts design and why I like it | On That Bombshell

FerrarinatorApr 1, 2018, 5:32:17 PM

This week On That Bombshell I delve deep into the Genesis Essentia Concept's design, I give my thoughts on Gran Turismo's 1.15 update and Trans Am Worldwide is taking on the Dodge Challenger Demon on its home turf with the 1,100BHP Trans Am Super Duty

The 2019 New York Motor show was ok. Only two cars where the diamond in the rough. The Genesis Essentia Concept and Trans Am Firebird Super Duty.

As I said in one my I pointed out many electric cars such as the Tesla range, Nissan Leaf and the Lynk&Co range design such tiresome cars to look at. But the Genesis Essentia Concept and sarcastically the G-Wiz are stunning cars to look at.

Never mind that chatter lets analyse exterior and interior of the Essentia Concept.

The front lights look much slimmer to make the Essentia much more futuristic than modern counterparts in the sports car market. Also, the triangular oval front grill aligns with the slim front lights.

The exterior has a metallic grey paint job paired with a copper trim to give the Essentia a unique character. But, what makes this car memorable is glass. Particularly, the hood. This shows the inner workings of the suspension and carbon fibre surrounding it.

Speaking of the front lights they expanded past the left front wheel. The side profile reminds me similarly to the Devon GTX, 2013 SRT Viper and the Renault Alpine (2018).

Then, the rear bumper has an oval shape just like the Superleggera Alfa Romeo Disco Volante. Plus, the slender rear lights flow smoothly to the Genesis logo.

Now let's explore the interior. getting into we firstly see the butterfly doors. Then, were welcomed with tanned arrowed seats with a plush Oxford blue leather dashboard, lined carbon fibre underlay with, brushed and polished Aluminium all being topped off with a marble trim.

The interior mixes Italian Gran Tourers from the 60's and minimalist design with screens galore whilst being its own thing. It looks marvellous!!

Overall this car reminds me of the Devon GTX and 2013 SRT Viper for the exterior. Plus the interior reminds me of the Italian Grand Touring cars from the 60's fusing cutting-edge clean dashboard with screens galore.

Hyundai/Genesis says the Essentia Concept will arrive on roads in 2022. The Essentia might be on sale in Europe. I don't think this car will look as stunning as the pure concept form when it enters production due to 'safety standards, whatever they might be. There's a lot of safety rules in the U.S for good reason but, the E.U vastly more rules for sure.

When I next to this car on the roads Its going look decent but, not astonishing. Clearly, the concept form of the Genesis is going to be on my design of the Ferrarinator's car of the year.

This Thursday Polyphony Digital released the 1.15 update on Gran Turismo Sport. This introduced a returning track called Tsukuba Circuit and a new class called Gr.2, Japan GT which included the Honda Raybrig Concept-GT, Lexus Au Tom’s RC F and Nissan Motul Autech.

10 other cars that came to GTSport are the:

・Gran Turismo Red Bull X2014 Standard ‘14 (Gr.X)

・Gran Turismo Red Bull X2014 Junior ‘14 (Gr.X)

・Aston Martin DB11 ’16 (N600)

・BMW M3 Sport Evolution ’89 (N200)

・Eckerts Rod & Custom Mach Forty (N800)

・Ford GT40 Mark I ’66 (N400)

・Lexus RC F GT3 (Emil Frey Racing) ’17 (Gr.3)

・Mazda RX-7 GT-X (FC) ’90 (N200)

・Nissan GT-R NISMO ’17 (N600)

・Nissan SKYLINE GT-R Vspec (R33) ’97 (N300)

They also introduced VR Time trials in a 3D, 360-degree environment. But more interesting on scapes they've introduced Cherry Blossom which looks enchanting. On brand central Mini and Renault Sport now have the museum feature.

And the final noticeable feature on GTSport three new events were added to GT League.

Nissan GT-R Cup (Beginner League)

Red Bull X-Junior Series (Amateur League)

All-Japan GT Car Championships (Professional League)

First of all, I'm excited to play on the new three leagues but, I haven't played any of them yet. Secondly, The Tsukuba Circuit is an amazing technical circuit for a Go-Kart, but for a supercar, it's sweet however it's too short.

I haven't got a PlayStation VR so I can't utilise VR time trials but, I can imagine it being similar to time trials but just with a VR headset.

When I get enough coins or obtain these cars trough daily rewards I'm will attempt to buy the Eckert's Rod & Custom Mach Forty, Aston Martin DB11 '16 and Nissan GT-R Nismo ’17.

The new Japan GT class looks vastly more superior compared to the Gr.3 class. Unfortunately, there is only one problem. They're too expensive. They cost 800,000cr compared to Gr.3 class 450,000cr. I think the Gr.2 class should cost 550,000cr.

The 1.15 update on GTSport been incredible as usual compared to the Forza franchise. There is always free DLC cars, tracks and scapes. Turn 10 would make us pay an arm and a leg for this. I've got nothing to say I'm excited when the next update for GTSport is.

Power!! We all want it. It can give us speed, wealth to name a few. But in particular the category of muscle cars. Pinnacle of muscle cars lasted 17 years, 1957-1974. After that, the era of the muscle car scene went silent. Until the 21st century, specifically 2010 onwards.

In 2016 Dodge released the Challenger/Charger, a 707BHP Two-door and five-door muscle car. Of course, we wanted more power from Dodge so, a year later they released the Challenger Demon, an 840BHP car based on the Mercedes E-Class chassis.

Whilst the Dodge Challenger Demon debut at the New York Motor Show was treated like the second coming. Meanwhile the 1,000-HP 2017 Trans Am 455 Super Duty was a sideshow.

Now Trans Am Worldwide takes the muscle car war up to a hundred with the 1,100BHP road-going dragster that eats up quarter miles in under nine seconds that can dip in the eight seconds mark.

What delivers the power of this car is a 7.4 litre GM LT1 engine topped off with a Magnuson TVS2300 supercharger that provides 14 psi of boost. Also to give the Dodge Challenger Demon more nightmares it has 1,046 lb-ft of torque, or 160 hp and 276 lb-ft more than the Demon on race gas.

Specs such as 0-60 are unknown but my prediction is 2.3-2.0 seconds, top speed is also unknown with a prediction of 205-220mph.

Only 50 units of the Trans Am 455 Super Duty will be produced with a price tag of $107,000 including the base car (a brand new Camaro SS 1LE) and go up from there. At the moment this car is a one-off Trans Am figures the finished version will cost about $190,000.

Of course, there is going to be muscle cars with over 1,100BHP and cost less than $190k. The Dodge Challenger when released was worth $84,995. In terms of BHP to price, the Dodge Challenger Demon is a bargain, especially when adding the Hennessey engine boost package which doubles power up to 1,500BHP for $15k.

If I had to choose between the Dodge Challenger Demon and the Trans Am I'm going to pick the Trans Am. Why? First of all the Dodge Challenger Demon looks like a widebody Hellcat secondly, it's a quicker drag racer and finally, it's bolder and brasher plus more appealing compared to the Challenger Demon.

Cars like the Ferrari F40 are taken incredibly seriously whilst, the Trans Am give you smiles per gallon at the drag strip. I'm not sure about driving it on the road, will it drive me backwards through hedge or worse. If I want a dragster I'll buy the full-fat Jet-car.

I wouldn't buy the 1,100BHP Trans Am but buy the lower end 600BHP version. Above 600BHP it gets tough, but a 700+BHP car your asking for a death wish. But good on them they are pushing the physics to 100. At least this car looks epic. My favourite part of this car is the retro-inspired rear lights in particular.

Tonight On That Bombshell I praise the design of the Genesis Essentia Concept, I complain that the Japan GT class is too expensive and I consider a full-fat Jet-car. What are your thoughts on this week's bombshell? Was the new GTSport update good or the Genesis Essentia Concept underwhelming? Thanks for reading and On That Bombshell goodnight!!